woodwork repairs

Repair Shop: I have been working with wood and metal since 1988 and have acquired a multitude of different skills. Skills that are really to repairing almost anything but in particular wooden or metal items. I am happy to repair that loose farmhouse chair or splice a section into a tabletop or even laminate a new oak top come to that!

Chair Repair

Squeaky Chairs with joints that are so loose they are falling apart? We can help you with that. From minor repairs to full rebuild; we can repair spindles and replace/recreate wood parts.

chair repair

Door Repairs

During a door’s lifetime, they do get a lot of abuse and sometimes needs some work to make them as good as they once were… We can also help prepare salvaged doors including splicing new wood into hinge mortices.

door repair

Wood Turning

Woodturning of spindles newel posts copied on our lathe. We can near copy any turned component in our workshop…

woodturning 1080
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