Wooden Door Bolts

My handcrafted Oak wooden ‘Shoot Bolt’ looks superb on any door but especially tradition farmhouse style internal doors. This strong wooden shoot bolt will mellow with age and melt into it’s surrounding. A real compliment to any Artisan door.

How much does a Wallybois wooden shoot bolt cost?

We sell these wooden bolts

What is included?

  • Shoot Bolt
  • Three Staples (Bridges) 

What is it made from?

This wooden gift is made from a managed source of wood. We select wood from reclaimed materials and trees which have suffered Force Majeure.

Product inspiration

Every product we make is designed from the drawing board. We gain inspiration from a variety of sources including our own life experiences and other research.

Ecological Products

We mainly use hand tools for our creations but when we use machines for the preparation of the wood they are powered by Solar and Wind power. Working ecologically is very important to our families moral compass and future security. We do everything we can to limit our carbon footprint.
  • Solar Power
  • Wind Power
  • Solar Hot water
  • Low consumption machinery

About our Business

Our workshop is situated in a beautiful area of central France near to a small town. Originally we worked in the UK but now we are proud to be a part of our rural French community.

Make Your Own Wooden Latch

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