cascamite powered resin wood glue, colle à bois à base de résine alimentée par cascamite

WOOD GLUE – Cascamite – PVA – Animal

Wood Glue is for joining wood. In this blog, we explore many of the wood glues that are available.

Thankfully the use of good glues has made construction simpler which has lowered the cost of production.



Aerolite is a waterproof two-part resin glue. I have used this glue for laminating the hog or stern posts of timber boats in the marine industry. Aerolite is expensive so best limited to extreme water exposure.


This powdered resin glue is the mainstay of my work and I use it on a daily basis. Cascamite comes in a powdered form which we mix with a little water. This glue is very strong and has tremendous gap-filling capability. This glue is sold under Cascamite, Resintite and Polymite but essentially they are all Urea Formaldehyde glues. The original Cascamite was made by Humbrol.


This glue is a very well known contact adhesive and can be used to laminate Formica products to worktops etc but also can be used to carpet line a wall or bond linoleum materials to floors.


An equal two-part epoxy resin glue such as the brand Araldite is a strong glue that can be used for many applications. Available in standard set times or rapid set of 5 mins.


Poly Vinyl Acetate often referred to as wood glue, white glue, carpenter’s glue, school glue, or PVA glue. I use PVA for interior applications where moisture is not an issue otherwise I would choose Cascamite

  • Translations French>English
  • colle > glue
  • une résine époxy > epoxy Resin
  • colle pva (Acétate de polyvinyle) > PVA glue
  • époxy à action rapide > fast acting epoxy
  • colle à bois de résine en poudre > powdered resin wood glue
  • colle de contact (néoprène) > contact adhesive

Cascamite wood sealer hack!

If you are a Cascamite powdered Resin wood glue convert like me. You will see that this great glue has more opportunities than what is written on the packet.

I have found Cascamite Urethra Formaldehyde is good for:

  1. Glueing woodworking joints
  2. Gap filling
  3. Wood filler
  4. Casting items
  5. Sealing wood

The reason this versatile glue is more versatile than PVA wood glue

The main reason why Cascamite type glues are capable of the above is that when it hardens through a chemical reaction with H20. Cascamite sets rock hard unlike PVA

What Did We Do Before Resin Glues?

Before Science brought us the wonderful wood glues we have today carpenters had to use organic glues. These glues were often animal-based.

Animal Glues

Animal Glues are made by rolling boiling of animal connective tissues. A simple process which was probably discovered by accident. The proteins colloid glues develop by hydrolysis of the collagen contained within the animal product.

Typical animals used for the production of animal glues are sadly Horse, Rabbit and Fish.

It was in the 17th century when the first animal glue factory was built in the Netherlands (Holland).

Horse Glue

A horse is a good source of collagen and the collagen is what makes animal glue possible.

Hoof Glue

We still use this glue for fine carpentry. Especially for restoration joinery.

Rabbit Skin Glue

Do you know that yellow goo that you find bonding the pages together of old books? Well, that bookbinding used to be done using this more flexible glue.

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