When will the Festool Domino Patent Expire?

In the US and Europe Patents run for 20 years. Considering the Festool Domino evolved since around 2004 it is unlikely for any mainstream toolmaker will be putting out any Festool Domino equivalents into the market any time soon. If this is correct and Festool has not filed any new patents for modified designs.

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We explore the possibility that other mainstream toolmakers such a Makita or Dewalt could carry the Domino baton when these patents expire in 2024 – 2026. An affordable domino dowelling system is something to look forward to. 

So How Long  Have  We Got To Wait?

The earliest the Festool Domino concept could be copied is 2024 but there may be caveats. There will be updates to the design which could inhibit others from copying the concept… When applying for patents there are many ways to get a patent… The trick is to patent as vaguely as possible to cover the concept and each stage of machine and processes

The Festool Domino Patent

‘To gain a patent you have to consider the process of achieving the goal and not the goal itself!’

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US Patents

Many discuss Festool’s possession of a US patent but that is not true. The Domino is covered by German and European Union patents as listed below and a treaty. However, some say there’s no evidence to suggest they wield any legal authority to halt manufacturing and sales within the US. It’s possible they could take action against multinational companies based on their German and EU patents, but that would hinge on the legal frameworks of those specific countries. Moreover, should those laws mirror those of the US, they would only be able to block the sale of infringing products within those nations. 

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The patent EP1757415B1 is set to expire in June 2026. Just so you know, this patent is only active in France, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom. Oh, and they’ve just taken care of the maintenance fees to keep it valid in those countries.


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It’s a pretty common mix-up, but the truth is, patents from other countries can be enforced in the US.

Here’s how it typically works: First, you file a patent in Country A. Next, you go for a PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) application, claiming priority based on your original patent application from Country A. This treaty sort of acts like a global placeholder, letting you avoid the hassle of filing separate paperwork for each country. Instead, you can use your PCT application as a base. But, and here’s the important part, you still need to decide to actively pursue and register your patent in each country you’re interested in. This means paying all the necessary fees and following the specific patent laws of those countries.

So, while an EU patent doesn’t grant you rights in the US, US courts can still look at patents from other countries as a form of prior art or existing inventions/publications that might affect the novelty of your patent.

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Who is Festool

In this article I have talked about the Patent duration but just in case you have no idea who Festool is.  Festool is a brand of high-end power tools from Germany they manufacture a range of power tools and accessories for woodworking and other applications. The Festool Domino is a morticing system that is designed to quickly and accurately create oval dowel joints in woodworking projects. It uses a system of interchangeable carbide cutters to create precise holes in a variety of sizes and configurations, and can be used to join a wide range of materials, including solid wood, plywood, and MDF. The Domino is known for its accuracy, speed, and versatility, and is widely used by professional woodworkers and hobbyists alike. It is one of a range of products offered by Festool that are designed to help woodworkers create high-quality, professional-grade projects with minimal effort and time.

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For you Woodworking Brainiacs!

How to File a Patent?

  1. Check that your idea is original by searching the Patents and Trademark Office.
  2. Patent Attorney is a good idea but will be costly.
  3. What category of Patent do you need – Utility, Design or Machinery
  4. Apply for provisional Patent
  5. Patent Pending
  6. Patent Granted or Rejected

Are Patents Worth it?

Elon Musk has said in response to a question about Patents: “I don’t care about patents,”  “Patents are for the weak.” In Musk’s opinion, patents are “generally used as a blocking technique” that are designed to prevent others from innovating. That makes perfect sense for products that are continuously changing such as Space Rocket but an electric power tool which is designed to do one job. It was wise of Festool to protect it’s greatest innovation the Festool Domino Morticer. 

Musk went on to say, “They’re used like landmines in warfare, They don’t actually help advance things; they just stop others from following you.”

I do find his answer to Leno odd considering Musk has  several patents such as:

  • A method for landing a spacecraft on a planet or other celestial body (US Patent 9,380,096)
  • A system and method for wirelessly transmitting power (US Patent 9,380,280)
  • A transport system for vehicles and other objects (US Patent 9,470,971)
  • A method and system for improving the range and performance of electric vehicles (US Patent 9,526,762)
how to sharpen festool domino cutter

In Conclusion

If you are considering waiting for brands like Dewalt or Makita to market their version of the Domino joining system you will need to wait a good few years! If you want to experience the concept now you will need to buy an original Festool.

If a brand such as Dewalt or Makita considered reverse engineering the the Festool Domino they would only do that if they could sell in the two largest markets The US and the EU single market combined of 850 million people… Some of which are joiners.

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