file patent of Festool domino

When will the Festool Domino Patent Expire?

In the US and Europe Patents run for 20 years. Considering the Festool Domino evolved since around 2004 it is unlikely for any mainstream toolmaker will be putting out any Festool Domino equivalents into the market any time soon. If this is correct and Festool has not filed any new patents for modified designs.

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So How Long  Have  We Got To Wait?

The earliest the Festool Domino concept can be copied is 2024 but there may be caveats.

The Festool Domino Patent

‘To gain a patent you have to consider the process of achieving the goal and not the goal itself!’

For you Woodworking Brainiacs!

How to File a Patent?

  1. Check that your idea is original by searching the Patents and Trademark Office.
  2. Patent Attorney is a good idea but will be costly.
  3. What category of Patent do you need – Utility, Design or Machinery
  4. Apply for provisional Patent
  5. Patent Pending
  6. Patent Granted or Rejected

In Conclusion

If you are considering waiting for brands like Dewalt or Makita to market their version of the Domino joining system you will need to wait a good few years! If you want to experience the concept now you will need to buy an original Festool.

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