What are Shutters for?

  • They aid with the control of light and privacy
  • Volets are used in France to help to control internal temperatures by shading from the heat of the sun and the cold of winter
  • The Sun is always welcome but without the protection provided by window shutters, furnishings can fade because of the UV light. UV light is more intensive in the south of France compared to the North.
  • Shutters offer greater security and many French insurance companies insist on installing shutters on all windows and doors.

What are Volets?

In France Shutters are called Volets and they are used to provide protection and security.

Are Volets still popular in France?

Yes, Volets are fitted to most homes in France. I believe it will hard for French citizens to give up their beloved shutters. Sadly lately most of my customers seem to want to paint their shutters with wood stain. The wood stain from a distance looks like brown paint. I prefer to see all the colours that used to adorn French houses.

Do all homes have to have Volets?

Volets are normally fitted to houses in France other than a few exceptions. Your insurance company may give you exoneration if you can prove that your home is secure.

Alternatives to Volets

If you have security bars fitted to windows or doors you may be able to negotiate with your insurance provider. Other exceptions could be certified security windows and doors.

Wooden Volets

Shutters made from wood have been the iconic option. Wooden shutters lend themselves to being painted. Painted shutters of many different colours are a common sight on French urban landscapes.

Louvre Volets

Louvre shutters are usually made from flat strips of wood held within a frame. Some louvre shutters have adjustable louvres. Louvre shutters are great at providing protection from the sun but they are not the best at security.

Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are installed as standard on modern French houses and industrial buildings. Roller shutters can be motorised and opened and closed electrically. Alternatively, you can just have manually opening roller shutters.

Bi-Fold Shutters

Bi-fold or folding shutters can be made from wood or metal. Folding shutters are a good way of making the opened size smaller. These are good for wide windows where there is no room for standard shutters to open to. For instance, the wall area is too small either side of the window.

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