Trend Corner Chisel

Trend Hinge Recess Squaring Corner Chisel

The Trend Corner chisel is an innovative tool that has revolutionized the way woodworkers square the corners of a hinge chisel. Its unique design makes it faster and easier to use than traditional corner chisels, while also delivering precise and consistent results.

The key to the Trend Corner chisel‘s superior performance is its sprung-loaded action and its super easy alignment. Unlike traditional corner chisels, which have straight blades and wooden handles that require careful angling to achieve a precise corner cut, the Trend Corner chisel’s design allows for a guided cutting motion. This means that we woodworkers can achieve precise corner cuts quickly and easily, without the need for specialized skills or experience.

Another advantage of the Trend Corner chisel is its speed. Thanks to its mechanism this tool allows woodworkers to work faster and more efficiently than they could with traditional chisels. This is particularly important for large or complex projects, where time is of the essence and precision is critical. Buy on Amazon 

I  know I sound like a salesman but I do own this tool and I use it on a regular basis because it is quick and accurate. It produces repeatable results ideal when on the go… I find the tool particularly good for hinge mortises and other shallow mortises. The other great thing is that they are great value.

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