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To “No Nail?” or “Not to No Nail?”

No nails mastic adhesives colle, should it be trusted? Well, ain’t that a question that should be in any professionals book of Quotes? Well, the branded ‘No N…s’ you know that stuff that comes in mastic tubes with all the hi conflating claims of ‘No More Nails’? No, I am not saying that these products are useless but that we should use them with common sense. I do use these products but do not entirely as directed.

As a Volet manufacturing business, these adhesives have no place in our industry. We do use a chemical fix for the purpose of fixing the pintels.

Are these Adhesives Worth It

When I fit skirting boards for instance: I will apply the ‘Grab adhesive’ using the cage mastic gun but it is not the only method of securing I use. Where the ‘No Nails’ type adhesive is handy is for additional fixing and it halves the required mechanical fixing such as screws or nails. The reduction of mechanical fixings reduces the surface damage and the necessity for surface filling.

Handy Addition to Screws

Why I do not 100 per cent believe in ‘Grab’ type adhesives such as ‘No Nails’ is that in most scenarios: skirting and other household woodwork is a secondary fix! What I mean by that is that these trims are fitted onto painted surfaces. Why that is a problem is that it is similar to the saying, “It’s the only thing between you and the road” and comparable to the paint becoming the weakest denominator”!

Is the Paint Strong Enough for Grab Adhesive?

‘Vinyl Paint’ as used in most homes has a low tact quality and although fine for the paint itself is of no practical fixing use. So if you think the paint is strong enough for the securing of Skirting Boards then just blob that on the back as it will be just as effective as any grab adhesive on your painted walls!!

Grab Adhesive Conclusion

‘Yes’ by all means use the product but be aware that additional mechanical fixing is required. Using ‘Grab’ type adhesives such as ‘No Nails’ is great if used as a combo with mechanical fixings.

As a professional who has been working in the industry since 1989, I prefer to screw and finish with wooden plugs for my skirting boards and oval brad other trimming such as architraves. If you are a real traditionalist you could consider ‘cut nails’ but I don’t recommend that on modern wall construction!

The Name ‘No Nails’ has become a product description other than a brand such as ‘Hoover’ or ‘Skil Saw’ as these were the original Products.

Well, I trust this has enlightened you to the “Pros and Cons” of a ‘Grab Adhesive’ and Thank You for reading.

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