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Speed Square – Best in 2020

The ‘Speed Square’ or as it is sometimes called the ‘Roofers Square’ or ‘Rafter Square’ is a underated tool and seems to be used predominately on the building site. The simple robust construction of the Speed square lends itself to site work hence the accuracy of the tool is not generally affected by being dropped or knocked.

Who invented Speed Square?

The Speed square was invented by Albert J Swanson in 1925. Originally desinged as a layout tool it was soon adopted by carpenters in the USA as a practical roofing square.

Who was Albert J. Swanson?

Albert J. Swanson Founded the Swanson tool company, inc. The ‘Swanson Tool Company ‘ located in Frankfort, Illinois and like Frederick Stanley produced carpentry tools. The tool name Swanson like Stanley is still available today and considered good value and of good quality.

About the Speed Square

The Speed Square calculator book

Speed squares should come with calculator books for truss and rafter angles, if a book is not included a link to a calculator website will be.

Speed Square common uses

The speed square is also known as a “Try Square, Miter Square, Protractor, Line Scriber, & Saw Guide” has many uses.

  • Angle Marking
  • Marking 90° Square
  • Marking Mitres
  • Rafter
  • Hip
  • Valley
  • Valley Jack Refters
  • Stair String Layout

The Swanson 7″ Speed Square

It would NOT be natural not to include the most common 7 ” SPEED SQUARE by Swanson tool company. I own this tool and frankly i have had it years and looking at new versions on the tool store shelve it is basically identical. If it has not broke why change it?

The large 12″ Swanson framing speed square

It is obvious that the LARGER SPEED SQUARE is an asset when constructly large timber framed buildings or crosscutting wide timber. I admit I do not own this tool but is basically the same as the 7″ version.

Twin Set of Swanson Tools Speed Squares – 7″ & 12″ roofer squares

Why not save some cashg and buy both the 7″ and the 12 ” Speed Square? The SWANSON TOOLS SPEED SQUARE TWIN SET AND BLUE CALCULATOR BOOK is a practical choice as you get both squares for a substantial saving.

The Dewalt DWHT4603 Rafter Speed Square

Top-quality tool for the price and full of little gadgets as you would expect from Dewalt with clear easy to read markings. This DEWALT RAFTER SQUARE as they call it is a great square which is made out of metal so it is very durable and has all common pitch conversions.

Stanley Tools Adjustable Speed Square

A robust and handy square. The ADJUSTABLE STANLEY SPEED SQUARE  is a lovely square, with clear markings, and useful for a lot more than just roofing.


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