Shutters made to measure in France

Wallybois woodworking workshops make quality wooden shutters.  Our Shutters are strong and durable and will last a long time with only minimal maintenance. Wallybois manufacturers shutters in Pine or French Oak in our Oradour Sur Vayres workshops. 

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Who buys shutters from Wallybois?

Our customers range from domestic to professionals.. We are happy to work with native French and Expat English. In fact we are happy to work with any nationality as we are all equal. It is not unusual for us to build shutters for customers all over france. 

Measuring reveal openings for window shutters is easy. This is because we build shutters with plenty of room to trim the shutters to fit. Our shutters are designed so the ledge gives plenty of room so you can trim the shutter to fit.

Which wood is best for me?

Choosing the right material for your own individual needs will depend on your situation. 

Pine is good for installations where you are working within a smaller budget. 

The Northern fir we use does have a good life span and with a good paint or lacquer system they will last a

 very long time. Softwood timbers shouldn’t be dismissed as in our experience we can confirm we know of 

exterior pine joinery lasting over 25-years. Check out our  painting tutorial.

Oak is a very good wood for exterior shutter projects.

 Using this hardwood is more costly than pine but the shutter will last many decades. We have some very old shutters on our home that are over a hundred years old.

Shutters for Windows and Doors

Wallybois shutters are available as:

Pair of window shutters which are supplied in twos and we supply a joiner piece.  wallybois-shutter-pair-oak-l&b-01This joiner provides the rebate section so the line of sight is blocked. If you want a pair of shutter we do not need to know which side they are hung because they are equal. The shutter pair is a very popular pattern of shutters. The face of the shutter is a typical tongue and groove and the back furnishes the Z shape framing which provides stability.

The ‘Single Shutter’ is a great option if you only have a small window to secure. The single shutter is ideal if the window only has space for the shutter on one side of the window for the shutter to open to. When ordering your shutters that are in ledge and brace pattern it is important to make sure that the braces are pointing down towards the hinges. When ordering let us know what side the shutters are hung on. Ledge and brace pattern shutters are a very popular pattern. The reason why the brace is important is that is prevents the shutter from sagging due to the force of gravity. The load from the top of the top of the shutter is transferred to the brace to a fixed pointed point.

The stable door shutter is a nice and it is the chocolate box option to dress your home. If you have dogs or even children the ability to open the door yet secure the family is an asset. The stable door shutter is available for doors only.

How do we order shutters from Wallybois?

Ordering shutters is easy because we offer you more than one way to order. 

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Example Shutter Price

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