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‘Window Shutters Made to Measure’

Products such as Window Shutters and Traditional Entrance Doors made from French Oak and Pine (Northern Fir).

“Woodworking is not just a lifestyle but a passion…”

oak entrance door
Entrance Doors
How to Measure
compass plane for planing curves
How to Install
Stanley bailey hand planes
Tools for Installation
solar powered workshop
Solar Powered Workshop

The Workshops

Our workshops are busy everyday building window shutters and doors. We also make a variety of Architectural wooden products in Oradour Sur Vayres of France. What sets us apart from other manufacturers is that we produce quality products using power from the Sun. It is our way to do our part towards being carbon neutral.

“Woodworking is not just a lifestyle but a passion…”

The Blog

Our artisan blog is a compendium of ‘Marcus Ketts’ woodworking knowledge based on his 30 years of crafting timber into useful and artistic works. A variety of different skills using traditional tools and modern machines in his ‘Solar-Powered’ workshop. In this BLOG, you will find many different woodworking topics that include anything from ’Health and Safety’ to ancient ‘Woodland Woodbodging’.

I believe education should not be conformist but be the natural evolution from failure and success!

Marcus Kett

japanese choana

Japanese Chouna (Adze) (釿)

In Japan, the Adze is called a Chouna. The Chouna is one of those tools that is used by skilled ...
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japanese tools

Japanese Woodworking Tools

Woodworking itself is one of the oldest art forms in existence; Japanese woodworking is one of the earliest known forms ...
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air dried lumber

Difference between hardwood and softwood

Whether you're trying to add new elements of style and personality into your home or want to improve its inherent ...
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how long is a hand plane

How long is a Bench Plane?

Woodworking bench planes are 200mm (8”) to 600mm (224”) long, for example, a Stanley Bailey No7 is 22” in length ...
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pallet wood recycled

Free and recycled wood

As we move through 2020 and faced with the prospect of a deep and protracted recession we as a people ...
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hand planes explained

Hand Plane for woodworking [Explained] 2020

Hand Plane Tutorial In this tutorial, I will go over some of the Hand Planes I have in my arsenal ...
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