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Norton India oil stone for woodworking in 2020 – best prices

Norton India oil stone for woodworking in 2020 – best US, UK and France prices in 2020

I have put together a small selection of good oils stones for woodworkers. The Norton India Oil Stone is not only good for any woodworking trade but also good for sharpening knives.

My woodworking authority on oil stones.

I have been woodworking since 1989 and I have used many different oilstones with different abrasive makeups. I do have clear favourites but I am open to trying anything. But I have to admit the American brand Norton has for decades successfully fulfilled the need of many a joiner or jobbing builder.  

First, let’s start with my go-to Oil stone

If you have already been looking online or in woodworking stores the name Norton would probably come up. This is not surprising considering that most woodies from my era would have used a Norton India oil stone.

My First Norton India

Well, that would be when I was in school. A very welcome birthday present and I still use it today although it is a bit thinner! As a happy teenager, I decided to show my woodworking teacher Mr Childs and guess what happened. Mr Childs soon delved into the timber scraps and pulled out a chunk of Cherry. He soon had me chopping out a box and lid to store my new oil stone in. 

‘Mr Childs was obviously my favourite teacher who truly inspired me’.

Oilstones seem to have lost their place

I have been using Norton India oilstones ever since my father introduced them to me. Today many a woodworker has transitioned to sharpening their tools with whetstones. I have to admit I also use whetstones but the humble oil stone still has a place in my workshop. 

My Norton Oilstones

I seem to have collected Norton Oilstones over the years but it is quite hab=ndy really. I use two stones in my sharpening guide system for coarse and fine sharpening.

sharpening system with Norton India oil stones

I also have two stones mounted in a draw for low-level hand sharpening for quick touch-ups.

So you want to sharpen your tool for little money?

No innuendo intended! A good set of whetstones and a diamond flattener can set you back a few hundred. A good India stone is only 20 quid and could last decades. You make your choices.

Norton – Fine/Coarse – India Combination Oilstone

In the USA? Get your Norton India Oil Stone HERE

In the UK? Get your Norton India Oil Stone HERE

En France? Obtenez votre pierre à huile Norton India ICI

Why is Norton India good for woodworkers.

This good old stone has been, around for years and is tried and tested. Unlike many things in 2020 that have changed and not always for the better. Norton India oilstones are pretty much the same. 

How long does Norton’s oilstone last?

I am still using the India stones that I bought when I was in school. Yes, they are a little thinner but they still put on a good edge.

My conclusion on the Norton India sharpening Stone

If you’re like me and just a poor woodworker in the need for an oilstone then this could be the answer. Tools sharpened with the Norton is capable of shaving hair from the body.

Although there are other options for sharpening your hand plane knives (blade). The best value has to be the Norton India Oil Stone.

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