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Nontron Volets and Knives

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The French town of Nontron is a popular town situated In the Dordogne and only 39 km southwest of our French Volet manufacturing workshops. 

Nontron Demographics

Nontron is in the Aquitaine region of France which is a part of the Nouvelle Aquitaine only 16km North of Brantome.  

Map of Nontron

  • South western France
  • Region: Dordogne
  • Perigord: Vert
  • Area: 24.67 km2
  • Population: 3,121

Industry of Nontron

The famous 500-year industry of Nontron is the artisan-made knives. nontron knives of franceThese knives are famous around the world. Many French Countrymen will own a Nontron pocket knife.  it is not uncommon to see Frenchman pull out his Nontron knife, take a slice of cheese. Then Swiftly eat it with a French baguette and of course a glass of red wine.

The town off Nontron is a myriad of bars shops and restaurants where you can test out your new Nontron pocket knife. Idiotic visit Nontron can start at The Square where you can do a 360 and orientate yourself to your surroundings.

Surrounding Nontron?

nontron castle france volets

It’s not just knives which Nontron is famous for, its cuisine is quite special. Locally grown asparagus, walnuts strawberries mushrooms and truffles. A very special pate Foie Gras is considered controversial but is farmed and produced in a nearby town Riberac. Riberac is also known for Confit de Canard. 

Perigord Vert is in the Nouvelle Aquitaine and the biggest town of this green region is Nontron. Perigord Blanc, Perigord Noir and Perigord Pourpre


The farming of truffles is a highly secretive and serious business. 

Truffle farm owners guard their land with great determination to keep the truffle thieves away. It is true that pigs are great at sniffing out this most expensive fungus. In 2018 A kilo of Alba truffles sold for over €100,000. 

perigord vert truffles

How much do French truffles cost?

The average price per kilo of white truffles is reckoned to be between €2,000 to €2,500.

One day we hope the region will be well known for our wooden products such as are popular window shutters. Maybe I’m dreaming a little and for now, I will have to succumb to the Truffle?

The Colour-coded Perigord Vert

The Perigord Vert Is one of the four rural regions that have been labelled using a colour-coded system. Vert which translates as green in French is the green region with rolling countryside and forests. The black region is where the caves are.

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