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Miter Trimmer – Review

If you want to get that perfect frame with mitred corners then you need perfect mitres. Relying on that chop saw Could be your downfall. I’m not saying that the chop saw doesn’t play a part in cutting mitres but due to the fact that the chop saw is just not 100-per cent accurate.  In my experience, I find that whenever I want to bead a window or picture frame I always need to plane mitre box mitres to make sure that they are 100%.

A Mitre trimmer is a great way to touch up chop-saw 45-degree mitres.

The best way to get that perfect Miter

The best way to ensure an accurate Mitre is to use a guillotine-style Mitre trimmer.  the model I own has a screwed blade which slices through the timber providing a smooth yet accurate cut.  Guaranteeing an accurately cut mitre is why I choose to use a Mitre trimmer. The Mitre trimmer will give you you a very accurate solution to cutting that perfect mitre.

The mitre trimmer is sold under the brand of Rockler, Axminster and Grizzly. All three brands are pretty much the same except for the colour of the paint. Either way, it’s ideal for carpenters and picture framers when the quality of finish is paramount. I need to add that the brand

Axcaliber MT1 is available in the UK yet to Brands Rockler and Grizzly is well-known brands in the USA. The links above are the best prices on  Amazon

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How to use the Mitre trimmer 

  • Accurately mark the mitres
  • Using a Chop Saw cut the mitres slightly long
  • Trim the Mitre to the line using the Mitre trimmer 
  • ‘Voila,’ the perfect mitre. 

Trim and Angle

Although this Mitre trimmer is predominantly used for trimming 90 & 45-degree mitres there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use it for any angle. This tool is well designed with fully adjustable fences with cam action stops to ensure repeated positioning. Thumbscrews for additional locking of the fence. 

Mitre trimmer capacity

 considering the compact size of this car sign Mitre trimmer it is capable of trimming up to 15 cm (6″) wide or 10 cm (4″) high. The capacity of the height of cut is dependable on the width of the Mitre to be trimmed because of the skewed shearing action of the cutters. 

blades for mitre trimmer

Key Features

  • Trim off fine shavings for the most precise mitres
  • Shearing action provide silk-like finish on end grain
  • Substantial 12.5kg machined cast iron
  • Tool steel blades hone to a crazy sharp edge
  • Long operating lever with rack and pinion mechanism
  • Adjustable cam stops at 0° and 45°, fences lock at any intermediate angle
  • Maximum size 90mm high by about 150mm wide at 90°
  • Re sharpenable blades

Video Demonstrations

Adjusting the Miter Trimmer

How to Sharpen the Miter Trimmer

My Conclusion of the Miter Trimmer

I’ve been using my Mitre trimmer for about 2 years.  My experience with this tool is positive and I found it especially useful when making picture frames. The Mitre trimmer is easy to use and a substantial weight of 12.5 kilos. You can use it on a bench or permanently mounted in a fixed position. 

I recommend this Mitre trimmer for light to medium my tasks. It is especially good when you have four-cornered mitred frame ensuring the last mitre meets up perfectly.

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