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Metabo DH330 – Review

Metabo DH330 Thicknesser 

Site planers or thicknessers are a portable tool for the thickness planing of wood. The tool is ideally suited to site work but it is also very capable of the planing of wood in the workshop. 

I’ve been using this planer for several months and many sawn boards have been planed.  

What is good about the Metabo DH330?

  • Fine finish due to transport speed balanced to the rotation of knife block.
  • Aluminium construction makes for a lightweight
  • Easy to transport due to lower weight
  • Crank handle height adjustment is quick and accurate
  • Locking cutter block for reliable thickness accuracy
  • Thickness adjustment preset interval locking
  • Capable of planning hardwoods
  • Large adjustable tables  

What I don’t like about the Metabo DH330

  • Dust extraction port is plastic
  • Knives are thin
  • Knife backing plates bend although easily solved

Metabo DH330 Thickness Planer

Cheaper than the Dewalt or Makita Alternative. 

  • Dewalt DW773 £699
  • Makita 2012NB/2 Thicknesser £856
  • Metabo DH330 £418 Buy it on Amazon


  • Dimensions 579 x 857 x 574 mm / 1.9 x 2.9 x 1.9 ft
  • Chip removal bench thicknesser 0 – 3 mm // 0 – 1/8 “
  • Material thickness table Cast aluminium / special steel aluminium
  • Thickness table L x W 840 x 330 mm / 33 x 13 “
  • Passage height/width 152 / 330 mm // 6 / 13 “
  • Feed rate 7 m/min / 16 ft/min
  • Diameter of blade shaft 47 mm / 1 7/8 “
  • Number of blades 2
  • Revolutions of blade shaft 9800 rpm
  • Mains voltage 220 – 240 V
  • Rated input power 1800 
  • Weight 35 kg / 77.2 lbs

Tips for use of the Metabo DH330

Using the Metabo DH330 is not unlike any other box type thickness planer but I feel it is worth listing them here. 

Prevent Planer Snipe

Snipe is found on the end of a freshly planed board. Snipe is common but can be prevented or reduced. Reduce snipe when using any box planer by properly supporting the board at the end of the pass. You need to prevent the board from dropping as it leaves the planers feed roller pushing the wood into the knife block cutting a scallop, we call this snipe.

Accurate repeat planing

This planer is equipped with an indexed stop at 5mm intervals. This is handy when thicknessing multiple boards to one thickness. Sometimes will need to release the set height, as seasoned sawn boards can have uneven thickness. The index helps you repeat setting of the planer thickness. 

Videos of my Metabo DH330 thicknesser 

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