Ironmongery for Shutters or Volets

I have not included all the available items as to keep things simple and clear. There are
many different items that can be better suited for your own situation.

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Strap hinge
The long metal strap hinge is available in lengths from 300mm as in the picture below
The Pintle as pictured on the left of the image below

Expanding Paw Pintle
This type of pintle is used but in my opinion has limited sensible uses as it can put
excessive force close to the edge of the reveal. Not suitable for stone and clay or hollow
block walls. These are expensive as around 10e each and in any case should be avoided.

The flat Plate Pintle
This a good option on new block walls or timber buildings. When drilling the holes for rawplugs
closest to the edge angle the drill slightly away from the window to reduce stress
close to the edge of the reveal.

Screw Threaded Pintle
Ideal for old Oak reveals and very simple installation / adjustment

Shutter Stop
The shutter stop is used when there in no reveal rebate to allow the shutter to close to the correct position

The Bar Stay
Used to hold the shutter together in the closed position

The Hook and Eye Plate Stay
This is a simple and cheap solution and is quite effective. This method allows the shutters to be put on vent and includes a finger pull handle.

The Hold Back
The hold back has the simple job of holding the shutters back to the wall. The one below has a screw thread included but can also be fixed with chemical fix.

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