How to Measure for NEW SHUTTERS?

Very little is standard! If you are considering new shutters you will need to measure the window reveal.

The reveal is the hole which the window or door is mounted within.

This simple tutorial will show you how to measure your window openings so you can either make or order new shutters.

If you are struggling with measuring you window openings please contact us and we are happy to guide you

How to Measure Window Shutter?

This is the most common window shutter. A pair or a single shutter can be made from the width and height measurements. 

Use a tape measure or long rule and measure between the verticals for the width and between the lintel and sill for the height as per the picture.

  • Single
  • Pair
measure window shutter

How to Measure Door Shutter?

To measure for a new door shutter follow the same method as for the window opening. Three design choices for a door shutter includes:

  • Single
  • Pair
  • 50/50% high and low stable door shutter
how to measure door shutter

How to Measure a Vaulted shutter?

If your existing windows or doors are arched, you need the bottom measurement at the start of the curve. This measurement is important to be able to fix the ledge lower than the arch. The radius allows you so you can cut the arc or you can cut it with the existing arc once hung on the hinges.

  • Single
  • Pair
vaulted shutter
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