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How To Hang a Door and Save Money [Tutorial]

Part 1

DIY is fashionable at the moment! I blame popular TV programs! The old school ‘Changing Rooms’ or more upmarket programs like ‘Grand Designs’ evoke a passion to create and improve. Do we really need these DIY programs to poke us into practical hands-on DIY? I think we all have some degree of creativity in our chemistry. DIY hanging of a door is a great skill to learn and will teach some skills that can be used on other projects.

DIY Hanging A Door!

Installing a door is not out of the ability of most enthusiastic DIY’ers. Enthusiasm is a key quality for installing your own doors as skills can be learnt but enthusiasm is a passion.

You cannot forget online sources like Pinterest for good visual ideas of inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. 

Start Saving ‘Loadsa Money’ by DIY Hanging A Door!

The Artisan costs may be high and thus out of your pocket. The price shown in a quotation could be enough to push you into ‘Having a Go’ and ‘Doing It Yourself’. The tradesmen saving can be considerable and the door is rarely hung alone but in a set. This multiplies the saving according to the number of doors to be hung.

We aim to help guide you in a series of tutorial blogs and our Youtube channel the techniques and processes on ‘How to Hang a Door?’. I hope you enjoy this topic and please comment below if you have any questions. This Article is aimed at the question “How to hang doors that are not prehung?”.

In this Blog, we will cover every stage from conception to Fruition. Including topics like ‘Measuring for a Door’ and ‘Cutting in Hinges’. Each Paragraph is separated by topic titles so you easily absorb the information is small steps.

  • Learn How to Hang a Door and the Nitty Gritty!
  • OK, let’s Start Our Door Hanging Adventure
  • Grab a Tape Measure and Measure
  • Are you Fitting a New Door into a New or Old Frame (Lining)?
  • Now You Have Found That Your Old Frame or Lining is Too Wonky!
  • So You Did It You Got That Stubborn Frame Out?
  • Which Side to Hang?
  • Have Your New Doors a Face Side?
  • Okay, You are Ready for the Installation So let’s Start by fitting Door Lining First!
  • Be Care if Buying Tools
  • You have now organised yourself with the new lining, tools and sundries.
  • Now Let’s Hang a Door
  • How to Chop in an ‘English ‘Butt Hinge’?
  • How to hang a door on French drop-on Hinges?
  • What Hinges Should I Choose?

How to hang a door on French drop-on Hinges?

three wooden doors for door hanging tutorial

Learn How to Hang a Door and the Nitty Gritty!

How to Hang a Door, but where do I start other than the beginning.

In this article, I will try to do my best to explain in detail the techniques I use to hang a door in the UK or even France where we are based.

The techniques can cross over to other skill sets too, such as hanging a cupboard door. In an attempt to make the whole thing not boring we will try to keep the blog light-hearted and with the odd joke thrown in!!! Well, it makes me laugh. Let’s face it although useful the subject isn’t exactly exciting.

A Door is a Gift for our Sanity?

Let’s face it the humble door is a great asset to any home, especially useful to blind those prying eyes from your necessarium, ‘The Bathroom’ or any other room where your bits are on display.  Personally, I have to consider it a gift for others sanity especially as far as I am concerned! I’m Not Pretty? It is all about the ‘Greater Good’. The door is a gift that we all take for granted! You can also ‘Hang Stuff’ on a ‘Hung Door’. It is not unusual for us sentimental humans to hang door reef or other symbols on our front doors but also it is quite useful to hang that dressing gown!

Can I Hang a Door Myself?

Of course, you can. I have to admit that if you have some DIY skills it will be easier. Hanging a door is like any challenge in that you should consider this challenge a series of steps. Don’t consider the job as one overwhelm but manageable snippets. We have some tutorials featuring ‘How to Hang a Door’ on youtube

Why Would I Hang My Own Door?

Are you serious? doing anything for your self is quite a thrill and certainly, an achievement which you will gain respect from your friends and family. The financial saving is quite considerable too and cannot be overlooked. The cost of hanging a door can be as much as 100e per door for a flimsy card egg crate type lightweight door but expect to pay around 60e. The more work it needs (such as making good the surrounding walls)the more it will cost. Remember this does not include the door or other sundries which you can buy from your local store. Don’t forget you can order a door from us as ours are made to measure so fitting is easier.

With the Federation of Master Builders recent statement in 2019 stating that clients should consider waits from 7 months for good artisans to commence work. This alone would be for some a great incentive to give the DIY option serious consideration.

Save money and get it sooner!

It is Time to Give a Little Love Back

I feel it is time for me to help others the best way I know-how. In a series of blogs, I will try to share our learnings with you and hope you too will benefit from these skills as I have. This new world is digital and sharing is the key to success. We hope you too will share this blog with your friends and family. If you feel you could contribute to our article we are happy to receive suggestions.

Ok Let’s Start Our Door Hanging Adventure

How to hang a door components
Door Components

So you have not clicked away so I hope that is because you are determined to achieve greatness. Positive thinking will get you smoothly through this door hanging exercise. This Article is large but comprehensive and not all elements will reflect your situation. At the same time will give you good incites to any scenario that could encounter.

Parts of a Door and Frame (Lining)

The picture opposite shows the basic parts of this door currently hung in its lining.  The door in question is a Ledge and Braced door with additional parts called the Lock Stile and the Hinge Stile. The Frame consists of three parts Lock Jam, Hinge Jam and the header. In this image, you cannot see the other components called the doors stops. The door stops create a rebate for the door to stop against.

My Promise To You

If at any point you find yourself in a pickle.  We are happy to advise and guide you through any door hanging situation you find yourself in. Just COMMENT below and I will reply hopefully answering your questions.

Where Should I Begin My DIY Door Install?

Before you begin going all gun-ho you must observe the situation. The opening you have may have some caveats that could persuade your choices of indoor design and door hanging method.  For instance, if the new door is to be hung in an old opening there could be rebated which the new door will still need to fit. There are many scenarios that will dictate your decisions regarding fitting new doors into an old opening.

Grab a Tape Measure and Measure

And a notepad as now we need to take some measurements.

Measure For a New Door Frame / Lining

Congratulations you are fitting a new door lining and door. This will help a lot especially if you are having your door made to measure. If you are buying doors from a DIY store you will have to consider what is on offer.

Some trimming of the door will be needed if you have an existing hole. Alternatively, you are installing doors into newly built walls in this case you will have standardised the opening so standard doors and frames will fit.

Measure the Height and Width of the opening

Simple take two measurements Head (Top) and the overall width of the opening. This will present you with two handy measurements.

EXAMPLE:  Width 910mm X 2100mm

Well, the simple measurements above are good for your Door Lining but I would allow some clearance for adjustment. Reduce by 5mm for each edge touching a wall.

EXAMPLE: Width 900mm X 2095mm

So what size of the door do I need?

The final measurement will depend on your choice of a door lining or door frame. Each are different thicknesses at the head and jams. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will assume you are using the simple door lining method.

A door lining can be made from 22mm planed wood stock or larger.


22mm Thick lining will be used here so allow for two jams and one head.


Allowance 1

Total: 2 x 22mm = 44mm

Allowance 2

Allow 2 mm for a gap around the door

Total: 2 x 2mm = 4mm

New door width allowances

Total: 44mm + 4mm = 48mm

New door width

900mm – 48mm = 852mm door width


Allowance 1

Total: 1 x 22mm = 22mm

Allowance 2

Allow 2 mm for a gap at the top of the door

Total: 1 x 2mm = 2mm

Allowance 3

Flooring clearance for a hard floor in this example 8mm but allow according to finished floor height. If your floor is not flat you will need to allow for that by allowing enough space at the bottom of the door.

Total: 8mm

New door height allowances

Total: 22mm + 2mm + 8mm = 32mm

New door Height

2095 mm – 48mm = 2047mm door height

For this example, you will need a door of 852mm X 2047mm

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  1. Such a well written article. So helpful and easy to read, even with limited (No) DIY experience. You make hanging a door sound fun!!

    1. That is good to hear as our goal is to produce Doors and Shutters that complement your home. I hope you find our other articles and videos of interest.

  2. Living in rural france and learning new skills all the time. I love your informative videos, you talk through each step, it makes doing the job so much easier. Thank you and keep it up!

  3. Southern Plasticlad Ltd

    Thank you so much for these great tips about how to hang door. I really learned a lot. Well done!

  4. Great article! I recently found these door dollies. Pair that with your install to make your life way easier. Check them out!

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