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Festool Domino Jointing System [is it WORTH IT?]

The Festool domino dowel machine or jointing system is a fantastic piece of equipment although considered pricey.  Well, this is what I thought when I first bought my Festool Domino DF 700, but once I owned this machine it was clear to me that it was far superior to anything else on offer. Festool Domino Jointing System is a worthy addition to any toolkit. 

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Here we will list a variety of Festool domino equipment and accessories which you can buy via the link to Amazon and they make a purchase if you want.  we have created a separate page for these links to Amazon because we do not want to clog app are articles with links to Amazon.

The Festool Domino DF 700 And the DF500 both create an oval mortise.  this is ideal for loose tenons and provides a very strong and fast alternative to the traditional mortise and tenon joint. The purist would disagree and say you can’t beat a traditional mortise and tenon joint which I may agree to some degree.  but the traditional mortise and tenon take a very long time to make well. the Festool Domino DF 700 creates Motors very quickly just as fast as a biscuit joiner

What I use my Festool Domino Doweller for?

I own a Festool Domino DF 700 which is the big daddy of the domino dialler system. This machine has a maximum diameter of 14 mm and a maximum depth of cut of 70 mm.

When I have the 14 mm domino cutter fitted. I use it for making frames, windows and doors. I have Festool domino dowel system very useful for this task. The process of using the domino jointing system is extremely fast and accurate.

The Festool DF700 can accept 4 cutters: 8mm 10mm 12 mm and 14 mm.

If you want to utilise the Festool DF500 cutters then you can purchase the DF500 to DF700 adapter. With this adapter, you can use 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm and 10 mm  Festool DF500 cutters.

Festool cutters are good value?

Although these cutters are quite expensive, they do last a long time.

festool domino xl df 700 guide pins

I have found that I can sharpen these domino cutters easily which prolongs the usefulness. I evolve my Festool Domino DF 700 for over two years now and I’m still using the original 12mm cutter that came with the machine.  I have only needed to sharpen the cutting edges twice in this time because the Domino cutter is Carbide-tipped and very durable.

Sharpening the domino cutter

Sharpening the Festool cutting edge is actually very easy. You will need a diamond file. What is special about the Festool cutter is that the flutes are purely for the purpose of clearing the wood chips from the mortice. The only part of the Festool cutter that cuts the actual mortise is the tip of the tool. It is only the tip of the Festool domino cutter that requires sharpening.

How to sharpen the domino cutter?

Place the domino cutter into a vice to hold it steady. It is important that the cutter does not move while sharpening.

With a 1000 grit, the fine diamond file makes a few passes on the cutting edge. Make sure you follow the angle of the original grind. There are only two edges that require sharpening. It is important that you have a controlled movement while filing.

The problem can be that you will create around the edge which will not be as sharp as it should be. A simple wooden jig can help maintain the angle so it is the same as the original Festool if you are having difficulty.

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Other Festool domino accessories

The domino machine is great to use as it comes out of the box but there are several other accessories you can buy to make your life easier.

Festool 493487 Domino Trim Stop

The Festool domino trim stop is a useful accessory as it helps position the domino machine onto narrow pieces of timber

Festool 493488 Domino Cross Stop

When you got to make multiple domino mortises this tool will make the alignment of each consecutive mortises much easier. The system helps index the mortises without the need for Scribe marks. You just place the locating pin into the previous mortise and to the next mortise and so on.

Festool 494847 Domino Hand Rail Fence

Well, it’s hard to position anything on a round piece of timber the Festool domino machine has accessory which allows the machine to centre onto a round piece of timber.   why you may ask this is a handy Festool domino accessory? it simplifies the cutting of mortises into handrails or even turned workpieces. you can send to the machine on  round timber stock 1 3/8 into 2 3/8 inches ( 35 mm to 60 mm)

Festool 495666 Domino Support Bracket

Best support bracket increases the area of the faceplate of the domino dowel machine.  it will help stabilize the machine against the workpiece. the integrated index stop helps provide an accurate reference point to the edge of the project.

Festool 583492 CT 26 E HEPA

I love my domino but equally, I love it to work correctly.  One issue you might find if you own this machine is that without any form of dust extraction the Machine will certainly block. Without dust extraction to clear the mortise correctly, areas of the machine will become unusable as the build-up of wood Dust prevents full movement of the slide mechanism. festool domino xl df 700 face plate-1200-678 The indexing pins will also be affected as dust will build up behind the pins preventing them from returning home and into the faceplate. Read our Blog on this 

The problems above unsurmountable you just need to have a dust extraction system compatible with your Festool domino.  I’m not going to try and persuade you to invest in the Festool machine as it is a bit pricey although extremely good. You can still use other efficient extraction systems such as Makita, Bosch or Fein Which has a tool power socket.  the main thing is that you have something that can clear the wood chips during the cutting process of the mortises.

Read my blog on my life with the Festool Domino


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