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Festool Domino DF700 Review

One of the most significant accomplishments that I have experienced in my woodworking was when I first executed a perfect mortise and tenon joint. I have been able to sand a wayward tenon to perfection while fine-tuning an errant mortise. Some would argue that the only want to perfect this process is to do it by hand with hand tools, but it takes a long time, and if you’re going to make money woodworking, this process is not practical. I went on a mission to find the best joiner that I could and was happily surprised when I tried the Festool Domino DF700 joiner.

I specialize in a multitude of different types of woodwork, and the Festool Domino DF700 joiner works for each one of them as long as the machine is big enough for the job; there are a few jobs where I found that the tool simply did not work.

Continue reading because I will share more later in this Festool Domino DF700 review.

The Festool Domino DF700

There are many different uses that I have found for my Domino DF700. These include:

  • I like to use the Domino DF700 for making solid wood furniture as it  helps with securing stability in the frame and tunnel design.
  • I have used the machine to help me with creating high-quality tables and chairs.
  • The DF700 has helped with profiled and folded door frames in pieces of  furniture.
  • I could get the assistance that I needed by creating frames for doors on my home’s interior and exterior.
  • The machine does a great job of creating stable miter joints.
  • I was able to use the DF700 to create plates or in connection with wide cornices.

With so many uses, I would have expected a job that the DF700 would not be able to accomplish. However, to date, the machine has handled all of the jobs that I have thrown its way.

The Specs

  • Included in Package:
    • Domino cutter D 12
    • 2 x empty dowel box
    • Additional stop
    • WAF 12 open-ended spanner
  • Can Stabilize Joints Up to 14 x 140 mm
  • Special Parented Routing System that Maintains Accuracy
  • 720 W of Power are Needed for Use
  • 10-50 mm Routing Height Adjustment
  • Idle Engine Speed is 21 000 min
  • 0-90 degree Mitre Routing
  • 15-70 mm Depth Stop for Routing Depth
  • 27 mm Dust Extraction Connection Diameter
  • 70.00 mm Maximum Routing Depth
  • 5.20 kg Weight
  • Includes 4 Diameters with Domino Slot Cutter (8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, and 14 mm)
  • Mains Drive Type

The Pros

  • Saves Time (I noticed that I was able to get jobs done in about half of the time with this machine compared to my old stationary machine.)
  • Quick and Easy Adjusts Help with Accuracy (The parented routing system guides the pieces together and helps ensure accuracy.)
  • All System Accessories Work with Both Joiners (If you previously purchased the DF500, you won’t have to buy new accessories. This was a big selling point for me.)
  • Very Safe (The before-mentioned parented routing system helps to ensure safety by keeping the movements smooth.)
  • Features CleanTec (CleanTec is a unique system that keeps your area clean while you are working. This can help increase safety and help save cleaning time.)

The Cons

  • Intimidating at First (When I was first using the DF700 it was intimidating.)
  • Some Users Prefer the DF500 (I have talked with some friends who bought the DF700 after hearing me rave about it. A few of them have stated that they wished they would have just stuck with their DF500.)
  • Pricey (The DF700 costs over $1400.)

What’s the Difference Between the DF700 and the DF500?

If you have the Festool Domino DF500 and are interested in how the DF700 compares, here is a short comparison of the main differences.




Cutter Sizes Available

4, 5, 6, 8, & 10 mm

8, 10, 12, & 14 mm

Maximum Depth

1 3/32”

2 3/4″


7 lbs.

11.4 lbs.




Project Size

Small to Medium

Large-Scale Furniture


Small Furniture, Boxes,

Entry Doors, Big Tables,


Frames, Cabinetry, etc.

Beds, etc.


The Festool Domino DF700 is the perfect tool for anyone who regularly works at the art of woodworking. I have been able to tackle any problem that I have attempted with this machine. There were few downsides, and most of them go away after long-term use since they are related to learning how to use the device.