Festool Company History

It all Started in 1925 for Festo (Festool)

Festool is a German company that was founded in 1925 by  Albert Fezer and Gottlieb Stoll. under the name “Fezer & Stoll”. The company initially produced wooden planes and other hand tools for the carpentry trade. In the 1930s, the company began producing power tools, including electric drills and circular saws under the Trading Name “Fezer and Stoll”

Festool plunge saw

Festo was the Trading name they then worked under and successfully made a name for themselves by upgrading old machines often replacing plain bronze bearings with ball bearings. We still use ball, taper and needle bearings today. In an era when timber-framed buildings were the norm It was of great benefit when Fezer and Stoll introduced the first portable chainsaw in 1927. 

The first portable chainsaw by Festo

Did Festool invent the 'Portable Circular Saw' ?

Festool has misleading information on it’s website and tries to take credit as the inventer of the portable circular saw but that has to be accredited to: Edmond Michel in 1923 then founded the “The Michel Electric Handsaw Company” in 1924  and Originally called the “Skilsaw”.

vintage skilsaw

Festo / Festool Chronology andd Evolution

  • 1927 The Fezer and Stoll Mobile Chainsaw 
  • 1930 SB 126 Portable Circular Saw
  • 1932 ZUM 140 Chain Mortiser
  • 1938 the very popular joiner and site worker BD125 
  • 1938 brought us the first independent dust extraction  with the MTD KTD Disk sanders 
  • 1939 – 1945 will we ever know their involvement with the Nazis if at all?
  • 1946  gave us the Pendulmam cover saw
  • 1951 RTE early Orbital sander reduced sanding imperfections
  • 1953 Patent 843300 height adjustment found on the AAU 50 portable circular saw
  • 1956  AU50/65 sliding clutch prolonged the motor life
  • 1958 Sliding Clutch Patent 1089148
  • 1962 The First Guide Rail with the FS/2$
  • 1966 A great orbital sander the RTT-S which is similar to the Elu MVS 47
  • 1976 WST 150 Replaced in 1979 by the Iconic Rotex RO1
  • 1980 AT 55E Portable circular saw with the guide rail.
  • Patent 1980 3007310  
  • Patent 1982 Splinterguard  3243564
  • 1980 The AX 45 plunge saw revolutionised the rail system Patent 1980: 3007310
  • 1984 Pendulum action jigsaw was first introduced by Bosch and copied by Festo
  • 1993 Festo Systainer system was born. 
  • 1996 CDD 12 Cordless Drill
  • 2000 PS 300 pendulum jigsaw but I still prefer the Bosch
  • 2002 RS 100 Q Sander was driven by gears 
  • 2003 the TS 55 circular plunge saw was born
  • 2004 OF 1400 router with the super-fast cutter change-over
  • 2005 RO 150 EQ
  • 2006 Domino doweller DF500
  •  2007 KAPEX KS 120 a super smooth double ballbearing sliding mitre saw
  • 2009 36E Mobile dust extractor vacuum. 
  • 2009 LSH 225 EQ  long-reach sander
yellow festool

Quick Festool Fact

Festool didn’t always have that distinctive black body and lime green accents. Early Festo (Festool) could easily be mistaken for a DeWalt with its yellow and black styling such as the: 1966 RTT-S orbital sander, But in 1979 the Rotex RO1 livery is that iconic black and green as we have become accustomed to today


Festool in a Modern World

Over the years, Festool has developed a reputation for producing high-quality, innovative power tools such as the acclaimed Festool Domino Jointing System and an array of accessories for a variety of trades, including woodworking, construction, and automotive repair. The company is known for its comprehensive product range, which includes power tools, hand tools, and accessories, as well as dust extraction systems and storage solutions. I have to admit the Festool dust extraction is the best available in my opinion

In the 1990s, Festool expanded its operations to include international markets, and today the company has a presence in more than 80 countries around the world. Festool is headquartered in Wendlingen am Neckar, Germany, and is a member of the TTS Tooltechnic Systems group, a leading manufacturer of professional tools and equipment.

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