How much do doors cost?

How Much do Doors Cost when constructed by wallybois. Here you will find example door prices for the most common designs as available at our France workshops. Wallybois for your new shutters and doors that are ‘Great Value’ . Made to measure quality wooden products for your home. We are located in central France but we do also have UK customers. Read-on to discover example prices:

  • Example 1 / The Oak Farmhouse Door…starting from 950e
  • Example 2 / The Oak Farmhouse Stable Door …starting from 1090e
  • Example 3 / The Oak Panel Door…starting from 990e
  • Example 3 / The Oak Panel Door Stable Door…starting from 1190e
  • Example 4 / The Oak French Door…starting From 999e

Want to know more about our doors? Read on:

What do we offer?.

Our External door manufacturing service is versatile but here we will cover our most popular or catalogue items. We can fulfil your specific requirements. After working here for several years there are a few designs that we find ourselves making on a regular basis. Our most popular door design is the ‘Farmhouse’ door hung within a solid frame.

We can supply (Double Glazing) on your behalf

Yes, we do supply glass for your convenience only and all guarantees are between you and the supplier. We can order the double glazing on your behalf and generally, it takes 2 weeks from placing an order. We place the order once we have the Frames ready for glazing as to guarantee the sealed units fit correctly.

Internally Glazed?

Internally glazed wooden windows is a bad idea and so we don’t off this by choice. The reason is that if any moisture collects via the double glazed sealed unit it can drain outwards and not inwards towards your beloved Persian carpet! If you persist we will accommodate your wishes but this is not recommended

What is the best finish

Our Doors are supplied without paint or varnish but you have several options. Many of our clients have chosen to self apply an oil finish such as ‘Danish Oil’ (Tung Oil). Other practical finishes in the more obvious Paint or Varnished that require more effort but do offer good protection against the elements. If I was to make a choice I would choose an oil product as it is easy to apply and reapply.

The benefits of Oil for External Woodwork

The biggest turn_off for looking after your wood is the time it takes to prepare the surface prior to coating with varnish or paint. Oil is fast to apply and cutting in is not critical as it will wipe off furniture and glazing. The more oil that is applied over the first two years will soak in and petrify the wood preserving it for years.

farmhouse door made to measure in france, bespoke doors for french farm houses

Popular Door Designs

Farmhouse Doors!

  • Option 1 / The Oak Farmhouse Door…starting from 950e

Unglazed or with a square rectangle port window? Either are very popular here in France and well suited to the old Stone French Built houses. Supplied in a Oak traditional rebated frame with capillary groove and provision for a slot in draft excluder.


Fully jointed and externally in-filled with Oak Tongue and Grooved boards and hung in Frame. Save

Price of Oak Farmhouse Door without window: 950e

add 75e for a clear double glazed port window

add 92e for a patterned double glazed port window

oak stable door made to measure, fait sur mesure en france
  • Option 2 / The Oak Farmhouse Stable Door starting from 1090e

Technically not suitable for your stable as designed for the ‘Human Residence’. We have made so many of these doors in various styles.


Fully jointed and externally in-filled with Oak Tongue and Grooved boards and hung with French lift off hinges in Frame. We install a minimum of two hinges to each of the two half doors.

Unglazed or with a square rectangle port window? Either are very popular here in France and well suited to the old Stone French Built houses. Supplied in an Oak traditional rebated frame with capillary groove and provision for a slot in draft excluder.

Price of Oak Farmhouse Stable Door without window: 1090e

add 75e for a clear double glazed port window

add 92e for a patterned double glazed port window

add 120e for clear double glazed full size top window (20e extra for patterned glass)

add 170e for clear double glazed two vertical panes (20e extra for patterned glass)

add 210e for clear double glazed four equal panes (20e extra for patterned glass)

  • Option 3 / The Oak Panel Door…starting from 990e

The panel door can come in many configurations some contemporary or traditional patterns such as the popular colonial style. Flat or raised panels beaded into rebates are very attractive and can be a super choice for your home. There are so many patterns to choose from so we won’t offer too many price examples.

Oak panel doors start from 900e…Supplied in an Oak traditional rebated frame with capillary groove and provision for a slot in draft excluder.

french doors with panel, made in french oak
  • Option 4 / The Oak French Door…starting From 999e

When we talk about French Doors we think about the double door leading to the garden and this iconic French door design is exactly what we are discussing here.

Traditionally French doors are mainly glass and lightly constructed this was fine for bygone times but today when we are obsessed with security it makes sense that the doors that Wallybois makes in it’s workshops are of a much heavier construction.

Since traditionally the French door is mainly glass and connects the inside with the outside living areas. These doors are a great option for those wanting to increase light levels in their home

The Oak French Doors starting From 999e…Supplied in an Oak traditional rebated frame with capillary groove and provision for a slot in draft excluder.

Security for Doors

The term ‘High Security’ is a powerful argument like ‘Make Britain Great Again’ and clearly often ‘Fake News’ please excuse the pun but this is in many case in my opinion true. We are sold products with exaggerated promises of security and it is very eye-catching but frankly I believe a strong lock and a ‘STRONG DOOR’ is paramount.

I find UPVC and mainstream Brico diy stores type doors flimsy and that is why they have multiple locking and it is in my opinion not for additional security but to hold the door to the frame. If the door is solid that would not be necessary and if additional locking is important for you I suggest fitting additional dead locks: one to the top and one to the bottom!

Practically a good solid deep mortice lock with a Euro cylinder is preferable.

Not sure what pattern you are after?

We have some patterns that are common for us to make but you may have some different ideas or just want something a little different from our standard product range. If you are struggling to think of a suitable style for your house I recommend that you do some searches on Google images with basic search requests such as ‘French Door Styles’ and simply email the image link so we can provide a quote for that design.

In conclusion our doors are:

We build our doors with pride and with respect to our environment. This attitude to the construction of our doors is very important especially in times when our home is threatened with ‘Global Warming’

The guide prices you see here are a starting point and often not far from our final price quote.

All doors are made to measure and we only require measurements and style as supplied by yourselves.

Don't forget you may need some shutters to improve your door security.

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