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Environmental policy

I won’t shy away from it as I  am a bit of an ‘eco-hippy’. We as producers and buyers are responsible for our own destiny. We should take a stance that will ensure our children’s future. This is our Environmental policy by Wallybois.

The Paris Climate Accord is a start

Unless your name is Donald Trump with brains as small as your hands then it is obvious that responsibility starts with the individual. For some Phallic symbolicism is fulfilled by becoming The President of a nuclear superpower. I suppose it is the ultimate compensation!!

Ok, I got that out of my system! Now for the logic. The planet we share is the only one on offer so it is obvious that we should take care of the hand that feeds us.

Environmental Desire

As a business that requires power to run its machines, it is necessary that we should do the ethical thing and power our machines using ecological energy such as solar.

70% of our electricity requirements is provided via solar energy.

  microinverter 1200 watt wallybois eco

Our Aim is obviously to reach 100% self-sufficiency but realistically 80% is possible. With this pessimistic vision, we must look at other means of carbon reduction so we too can sleep at night.  

“This is not a Righteous opinion but just a responsible one”.

  • Low wattage consumption
  • Economical Machine
  • Traditional Hand tools where practical

“To Create is To Create, That is the Compromise”.

Marcus Kett

Like any producer of a product, we also produce a managed amount of waste. The management is the key but also the difficulty. All waste we produce is disposed of in a thoughtful way.

  • Usable offcuts are used for the creation of Art
  • Anything unusable is collected for heating Wallybois workshops in the winter
  • Wallybois has no waste collection service

During the construction of our shutter and door products, we are always mindful to find solutions to environmental problems encountered.

“I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things we could use.”
Mother Teresa

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