natural finishes

Natural Paint Finishes in 2020

Today’s finishes? no matter how effective they might be as a long term protector of timber they inherently have negative environmental side effects. Paints that have good protection tend to contain toxins and often carbon-based. We are told again and again how bad carbon-based toxins are. Good old fashioned oil-based paints obviously contain oil hence …

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turmeric wood stain

Natural Wood Stain – Best in 2020

How to dye wood with natural ingredients? Why make your own wood dye? Cost-saving Unusual effects Better for the environment Satisfaction Recipes for Natural Wood Stain Alternative Wood Stains can be made with ingredients many of us have in our cupboards at home such as: Rust Tea Coffee Wine Beetroot Turmeric Lime Alkaline Solution Rust …

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colourful shutters of france

Is France losing the colour from it’s shutters? volets colorés

Colourful French shutters were commonplace in France but today the tradition is fading fast. The Identity of France All too often I see the iconic colourful array of shutters adorning homes (volets battants)in France dwindling! Call me nostalgic but it has long been considered a part of Frances identity and heritage for centuries. So why …

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Paint New Wood

Preservatives Paint Varnish Oil Finish Lay a dustsheet. If painting inside, you’ll want to protect your furnishings. Remove any knobs, pulls or hardware from the furniture. Remove any ironmongery. Sand Shutter. For a smooth finish, use a flexible-foam sanding sponge or better still 220-grit carborundum sandpaper. Final sanding must be with the grain. Our shutters …

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