Woodworking How To’s Tech and Skills. Loving woodwork and inavation as I do you will understand how the bug called ‘Creativity’ consumes our body and soul. The ability to create with the aid of tactile tools carving and shaping of our precious resource we know as wood. Read our Woodworking Blogs and you may learn something new alongside our teaching of long standing methods. We at Wallybois are happy to teach all woodworking skills even though we work with wood for our living, it is our job.

farmhouse door made to measure in france, bespoke doors for french farm houses

How To Hang a Door and Save Money [Tutorial]

Part 1 DIY is fashionable at the moment! I blame popular TV programs! The old school ‘Changing Rooms’ or more upmarket programs like ‘Grand Designs’ evoke a passion to create and improve. Do we really need these DIY programs to poke us into practical hands-on DIY? I think we all have some degree of creativity …

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Festool Domino Alternative

Festool Domino Alternative? (two years later)

It has actually been four years now! If you are like me and enjoy innovation no matter what format it takes then the new offerings from Festool should ’tickle your fancy’. Anything that makes our woodworking easier or even better such as the ‘Festool Domino’ system is fine by me. The Festool Domino XL or …

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post rammer fencing

How To Use A Fence Post Rammer 2020

Fence Post Rammer When you need to erect a new garden fence or stock fencing for the farm. One tool you will most definitely find indispensable is a ‘Post Rammer’.  A cheap tool that will make the installation of a fence possible is the ‘Post Rammer or Driver’. The post rammer tool is available as: …

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how to mix Cascamite

How to mix Cascamite Powdered Resin Wood Glue

How to Mix Cascamite Mixing powdered resin wood glues of any type such as Cascamite, Polyvine Polymite, and Resintite requires a consistent mixing method. Polyvine Limited manufacturers Cascamite powdered resin wood glue in the UK.  Preparation Use 2 parts of Cascamite powder to 1 part of cold water. It is best to weigh the powder …

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cascamite powered resin wood glue, colle à bois à base de résine alimentée par cascamite

WOOD GLUE – Cascamite – PVA – Animal

Wood Glue is for joining wood. In this blog, we explore many of the wood glues that are available. Thankfully the use of good glues has made construction simpler which has lowered the cost of production. Glues: Aerolite Aerolite is a waterproof two-part resin glue. I have used this glue for laminating the hog or …

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