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Shutter Components in France ‘Ferrure de Volet)

Shutter components in French French shutter components as found in France. Ferrure de volet > shutter fittings or ironmongery Poignée de volet > handle for opening or closing the shutter.            Accessoires d’espagnolette > Shutter latch which is mounted on the inside of the shutter and operating from the inside. Crochet à vis avec …

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cascamite powered resin wood glue, colle à bois à base de résine alimentée par cascamite

WOOD GLUE – Cascamite – PVA – Animal

Wood Glue is for joining wood. In this blog, we explore many of the wood glues that are available. Thankfully the use of good glues has made construction simpler which has lowered the cost of production. Glues: Aerolite Aerolite is a waterproof two-part resin glue. I have used this glue for laminating the hog or …

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Stanley Bailey No7 with Victor Plane Iron

My Stanley Bailey N0 7 Plane is my ‘Go To Tool’

One tool that I regularly use in my workshop is the ‘Stanley Bailey’ No7  hand plane. This vintage tool has a very good heritage and has been favoured by many a woodworker for it’s the ability to true longboards of wood. Why use a Jointer Hand Plane? Woodworkers use a jointer plane to true the …

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wallybois - how-to guides

Paint New Wood

Preservatives Paint Varnish Oil Finish Lay a dustsheet. If painting inside, you’ll want to protect your furnishings. Remove any knobs, pulls or hardware from the furniture. Remove any ironmongery. Sand Shutter. For a smooth finish, use a flexible-foam sanding sponge or better still 220-grit carborundum sandpaper. Final sanding must be with the grain. Our shutters …

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wallybois - how-to guides


Glossary of terms as used on Wallybois.com – relevant to shutters A B Brace: the brace is the diagonal piece of wood on the back of the shutter and helps hold the shutter square. Basket: this is where you will find the items you have ordered now ready to be paid for C Cascamite: waterproof …

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