hand planes explained

Hand Plane for woodworking [Explained] 2020

Hand Plane Tutorial In this tutorial, I will go over some of the Hand Planes I have in my arsenal ...
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www.earthtrifle.com is a blog all about ecological living

Earth Trifle – a new Ecological Website

A new blog site all about ecological living called Earth Trifle and can be found here. ET is where we ...
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festool domino xl df 700 guide pins

The Dowel Joint VS A Festool Domino & Strength Test 2020

A dilemma I read online and chat with colleagues about. We debate and argue on which type of jointing system ...
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festool domino alternative domino

Festool Dominos for free!

Finding vouchers for Festool online is something people do. The idea that we could obtain those green tools for free ...
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Coloured shutters of France, volets de couleur de france

What is the purpose of the brace on a shutter or door?

The brace is the support component of a ledge and brace. The brace prevents a gate, shutter or door from ...
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wicks dust mask P2

Understanding face masks – The best and Worst

In this article, I will go through the different types of face coverings, their ratings and appropriate use. I want ...
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Jet dust control

Air filtration system for workshop

I have been working in dusty environments all my life and frankly, dust control was not a part of my ...
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COVID-19: the rules for making “homemade” mask

With France and other countries changing their mantra on whether you should or should not wear a face mask. Obtaining ...
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COVID-19 & Coronavirus – Health and Safety Videos

Face Masks for Coronavirus Whether we should wear face masks during the Coronavirus Pandemic is a question, which no one ...
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upcycle barn wood

Barn Wood Projects – Video Demonstrations

Here you will find a selection of woodworking videos on reusing various wooden scrap. I hope you enjoy my projects ...
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dry eye syndrome PPE

Dry Eye Syndrome sufferers need Safety Glasses – Coronavirus PPE shortage in 2020

Dry Eye Syndrome sufferers are struggling to find suitable Safety Glasses as Health workers understandably Buy up PPE because of ...
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natural finishes

Natural Paint Finishes in 2020

Today's finishes? no matter how effective they might be as a long term protector of timber they inherently have negative ...
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