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check level with spirit bubble

How to check spirit level

In this tutorial, I will show you how to check your spirit level for accuracy whenever you have a suspicion ...
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ppe neoprene carbon dust mask and shades

Wood Dust Cancer-What are the risks?

Dust is just one of the potential risks a woodworker has to protect themselves from. The effects of excessive exposure ...
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chemical fix scellement bolt in wall

How To Use Chemical Fix – Polyester Resin Anchors

How to use chemical anchors? This product has a multitude of uses. The real usefulness is clear when trying to ...
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woodworking joke humour

Woodworking Comedy and Volets

As a woodworker in France, I too require the occasional light relief so here are a few corny jokes to ...
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DMT diamond sharpening block alternative, budget diamond sharpening

Best Sharpening Stone

Best Sharpening Stones There is a multitude of different sharpening devices and handheld sharpeners. The subject of sharpeners can be ...
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Sharpening the pocket knife

How To Sharpen a Knife – Blog and Video Tutorial

I am sure you have heard the phrase ‘A Blunt Knife is a Dangerous Knife’. In practice that is true ...
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