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tool kit for saw sharpening

Woodworking A to Z Glossary of Terms

Arris The arris is the edge of a square. Abrasive Any material that has a rough surface that removes material ...
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sanding sealer, mirka air sander

Cascamite wood glue sanding sealer

If you are a Cascamite Powdered Resin wood glue convert like me. You will see that this great glue has ...
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electromyography CTS hand xray

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 5 years later by Marcus Kett, woodworking since 1989

This blog is my experience of being diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Like anyone who is in flicked I did ...
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energy efficient technologies – in the Woodshop

At a time that global change is becoming even more evident we all need to take note of the current ...
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planing end grain of wood with hand plane and a shooting board

How To plane end grain

With the techniques explained in this tutorial, you'll find planing the end grain of a piece of wood easy. You ...
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How to hang a door – A STEP BY STEP GUIDE

Hanging a door is not difficult if you follow our guidelines. You could save yourself around $100 per door Step ...
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