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Let’s Re-wild and ‘BUY A TREE’ Phase 1

Our environment is in crisis and it is imperative that we all make a difference. I and my dear wife ...
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festool domino xl df 700 guide pins

The Dowel Joint VS A Festool Domino & Strength Test 2020

A dilemma I read online and chat with colleagues about. We debate and argue on which type of jointing system ...
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Coloured shutters of France, volets de couleur de france

What is the purpose of the brace on a shutter or door?

The brace is the support component of a ledge and brace. The brace prevents a gate, shutter or door from ...
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self isolation coronavirus "let me out"

Self Isolation – Easy Woodworking Projects – Quarantine and Sanity!!!

Woodworking in the home can be a solution to coping with self-isolation. Self-isolation can be a time of loneliness and ...
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planer and hand plane

What is Planing?

In the world of woodworking, planing is the process of removing thin shavings from wood.  The tool we use to ...
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festool domino joiner VS biscuit joiner-1200-678

The Festool Domino VS The Biscuit Joiner

As a fellow keen woodworker, I am always happy to find new fast ways of joining timber. In this article, ...
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