Blog - Handtools for Woodworking

Woodworking hand tools have been my goto option ever since I started woodworking. I do enjoy using simple handtools when it is practical to do so. Working wood with great quality steel squeezes that passion for the craft. Sometimes hand tools are quicker than setting up that machine for just one or two processes. 

How to Check a woodworking Square for 90°

From time to time we have to test our levels and squares for true. No expensive equipment is needed just ...
DMT diamond sharpening block alternative, budget diamond sharpening

Best Sharpening Stone

Best Sharpening StonesThere is a multitude of different sharpening devices and handheld sharpeners. The subject of sharpeners can be a ...
sharpening system with Norton India oil stones

How to sharpen a plane blade?… with my sharpening jig

Sharpening Plane Irons or even chisels can be a difficult task for woodworking newbies. Even pros can get into bad ...
close up of knife edge

Best Steel for woodworking tools and blades

There is no ultimate everyday tool steel but an array of different tool steels for different tasks. Steel grade standards ...
Sharpening the pocket knife

How To Sharpen a Knife – Blog and Video Tutorial

I am sure you have heard the phrase ‘A Blunt Knife is a Dangerous Knife’. In practice that is true ...
post rammer fencing

How To Use A Fence Post Rammer 2020

Fence Post RammerWhen you need to erect a new garden fence or stock fencing for the farm. One tool you ...
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