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Woodworking hand tools have been my goto option ever since I started woodworking. I do enjoy using simple handtools when it is practical to do so. Working wood with great quality steel squeezes that passion for the craft. Sometimes hand tools are quicker than setting up that machine for just one or two processes. 

japanese tools

Japanese Woodworking Tools

Woodworking itself is one of the oldest art forms in existence; Japanese woodworking is one of the earliest known forms ...
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how long is a hand plane

How long is a Bench Plane?

Woodworking bench planes are 200mm (8”) to 600mm (224”) long, for example, a Stanley Bailey No7 is 22” in length ...
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hand planes explained

Hand Plane for woodworking [Explained] 2020

Hand Plane Tutorial In this tutorial, I will go over some of the Hand Planes I have in my arsenal ...
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planer and hand plane

What is Planing?

In the world of woodworking, planing is the process of removing thin shavings from wood.  The tool we use to ...
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speed square vs combination square for carpenters

Combination Square – Best in 2020

There are ls many different types of woodworking square available so I will first outline them here. Each 90° square ...
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Frederick stanley born 1883 640 x 360

History of Stanley Hand Planes – 1843 to 2020

Stanley hand planes are an iconic part of my woodworking heritage. From my early years discovering woodworking to my later ...
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