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Woodworking hand tools have been my goto option ever since I started woodworking. I do enjoy using simple handtools when it is practical to do so. Working wood with great quality steel squeezes that passion for the craft. Sometimes hand tools are quicker than setting up that machine for just one or two processes. 

Stanley plane close up

What is the hand plane ‘Lever Cap’ for?

Lever CapThe lever cap on a  woodworking hand plane, along with other elements of the metal-bodied tool was patented by ...
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What is the Chip Breaker For?

Almost every hand plane has a chip breaker which at first glance is easy to dismiss!. But the chip breaker ...
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stanley jack plane no5

No5 Jack Hand Plane Explained

TheNo5  hand plane is the jack of all trades.  I know most people start with the No 4 but frankly, ...
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stanley bailey no4

No4 Smoothing Plane Explained

The smoothing plane is probably every woodworker’s first-hand plane that they purchase.  My very first woodworking plane was the ‘Stanley ...
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no7 jointer plane

No 7 hand plane explained

The Jointer plane is also known as a ‘Triplane’ ‘Trying plane’ or the ‘No.7. The less common ‘No. 8’ is ...
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Rabbet plane vs shoulder plane

Rabbet plane vs shoulder plane

What is the difference between the rabbet and the shoulder plane?Both planes may look similar, in that the plane iron ...
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