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Learning woodworking is a past time but also modern woodworking techniques has brought us much more diversity. Technologies such as CAD and CNC has presented us with automation but traditional woodworking skills are not redundant. I still use my selection of tools for building furniture or architectural products. This skill is something we can share with other keen newbie woodworkers wanting to expand their hobby. 

woodworking clamps explained

How Many Woodworking Clamps do you Need?

How many clamps does a woodworker need? is a question that is dependent on your type of woodworking? If you ...
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how-to-measure volets

How to Measure for your new Shutters? Updated January 2020

So you are ready to order but you need your opening measurements to add to our online site calculator and ...
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French English Translations

A / Z of construction related French / English Translations

After being asked about French translated building terms on many occasions by customers. In fact, it was obvious that I ...
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what tools do I need, shutters

What ‘Tools’ do I need? to DIY install my new shutters?

If like me you have an obsession with tools you probably have everything you need to make a success of ...
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cascamite powered resin wood glue, colle à bois à base de résine alimentée par cascamite

WOOD GLUE – Cascamite – PVA – Animal

Wood Glue is for joining wood. In this blog, we explore many of the wood glues that are available.Thankfully the ...
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Planing a leading edge on a door

When installing a door blank or window you must plane a bevel onto the edge of a door. This bevel ...
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