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Learning woodworking is a past time but also modern woodworking techniques has brought us much more diversity. Technologies such as CAD and CNC has presented us with automation but traditional woodworking skills are not redundant. I still use my selection of tools for building furniture or architectural products. This skill is something we can share with other keen newbie woodworkers wanting to expand their hobby. 

How to Check a woodworking Square for 90°

From time to time we have to test our levels and squares for true. No expensive equipment is needed just ...
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How to Sharpen the Festool Domino Cutter?

Tool sharpeningYou can easily sharpen the Festool Domino cutter with a credit card diamond sharpener. You sharpen the cutters edges ...
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chemical fix scellement bolt in wall

How To Use Chemical Fix – Polyester Resin Anchors

How to use chemical anchors? This product has a multitude of uses. The real usefulness is clear when trying to ...
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DMT diamond sharpening block alternative, budget diamond sharpening

Best Sharpening Stone

Best Sharpening Stones There is a multitude of different sharpening devices and handheld sharpeners. The subject of sharpeners can be ...
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sharpening system with Norton India oil stones

How to sharpen a plane blade?… with my sharpening jig

Sharpening Plane Irons or even chisels can be a difficult task for woodworking newbies. Even pros can get into bad ...
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close up of knife edge

Best Steel for woodworking tools and blades

There is no ultimate everyday tool steel but an array of different tool steels for different tasks. Steel grade standards ...
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