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Learning woodworking is a past time but also modern woodworking techniques has brought us much more diversity. Technologies such as CAD and CNC has presented us with automation but traditional woodworking skills are not redundant. I still use my selection of tools for building furniture or architectural products. This skill is something we can share with other keen newbie woodworkers wanting to expand their hobby. 

Sorby mortise chisel 640 360 Best chisel sets for woodworking

Woodworking Hand Saws

Hand SawIn this blog, I will explain the different saws that are available to us woodworkers. Panel SawBack SawPanel SawsThe typical ...
elektra beckum bandsaw

How to Change Band saw Blade and Set-Up Guides-The easy way

Is it difficult to change a Bandsaw blade The changing of the bandsaw blade does not need to be daunting ...
sanding sealer, mirka air sander

Cascamite wood glue sanding sealer

If you are a Cascamite Powdered Resin wood glue convert like me. You will see that this great glue has ...
step by step sharpening woodworking hand saws

How to sharpen hand saws

Sharpening and Setting a hand saw Restoring an old hand saw will depend on whether it is worth it. There ...
planing end grain of wood with hand plane and a shooting board

How To plane end grain

With the techniques explained in this tutorial, you'll find planing the end grain of a piece of wood easy. You ...

How to hang a door – A STEP BY STEP GUIDE

Hanging a door is not difficult if you follow our guidelines. You could save yourself around $100 per door Step ...