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Learning woodworking is a past time but also modern woodworking techniques has brought us much more diversity. Technologies such as CAD and CNC has presented us with automation but traditional woodworking skills are not redundant. I still use my selection of tools for building furniture or architectural products. This skill is something we can share with other keen newbie woodworkers wanting to expand their hobby. 

Unstick A Sticky Door in the House

A sticking door can be an exasperating annoyance that disrupts the smooth functioning of our daily lives. The screeching sound ...
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What is the Chip Breaker For?

Almost every hand plane has a chip breaker which at first glance is easy to dismiss!. But the chip breaker ...
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rivets scissor riveter and a log of wood

Riveting Wood?

Can you pop rivet wood? Riveting wood using a tool designed to rivet metal is a concept that does seem ...
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natural finishes

Natural Paint Finishes in 2020

Today's finishes? no matter how effective they might be as a long term protector of timber they inherently have negative ...
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What is Sharpening? and Tools for Sharpening?

Sharpening is the process of grinding or polishing an edge onto a hard material for the purpose of cutting. Sharpening ...
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Stropping featured image YouTube 640 x 360

Stropping vs Honing…I just use the palm of my hand!

Stropping vs Honing...I just use the palm of my hand! In this article, I talk about why you need to ...
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