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You might have ambitions of being a Japanese Samauri Carpenter or just want to experience this fantastic White or Blue tool steel. Owning Japanese tools is an art form with a martial arts commitment. These tools need a very special process to maintain that crazy sharp edge. From penning to honing you will soon learn to respect the kata of Japanese Handtools.

Kanna japanese hand plane

The Japanese Kanna (Handplane) (鉋)

The Japanese 'Handplane' or kanna (鉋) Japanese planes and saws have one thing in common that separates them from western ...
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nokogiri japanese saw

Japanese Nokogiri (Saw)(鋸)

Japanese 'Saw' or nokogiri (鋸) The Japanese hand saw has become very popular amongst woodworkers. In this article I want ...
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nomi chisel

Japanese Nomi (Chisel) (鑿, のみ)

Japanese 'Chisel' or nomi (鑿, のみ) What is The Nomi Chisel is for? The Nomi is a Japanese tool that ...
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japanese genno hammer

Japanese Genno (Hammer) (玄能)

'Hammer' of Japan or 'Genno or Gennoh' (玄能)The Japanese hammer is called a Genno and is used to impact chisels, ...
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ono japanese axe

Japanese Ono (Axe) (斧)

The Ono (斧) is a Japanese tool and a weapon but it is widely used to fell trees and to ...
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japanese choana

Japanese Chouna (Adze) (釿)

In Japan, the Adze is called a Chouna. The Chouna is one of those tools that is used by skilled ...
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