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Safe woodworking is not something we should ignore. I have been working with wood for over 30 years and luckily I have not had any serious accidents. Simple practices such as using your tools safety features, but you can do more. It is not just the physical damage to our eyes, fingers and hearing but also we much protect our lungs from fine carcinogenic dust. In my blogs, I talk about what safety protocols we can do and additional equipment such as air purifiers and dust extraction

dry eye syndrome PPE

Dry Eye Syndrome sufferers need Safety Glasses – Coronavirus PPE shortage in 2020

Dry Eye Syndrome sufferers are struggling to find suitable Safety Glasses as Health workers understandably Buy up PPE because of ...
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goggles and shavings

Safety Goggles & Safety Glasses Run Short as Coronavirus Spreads!

Our eyes are delicate and protecting them is very important after all we only get one pair. Today we have ...
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levoit LV-H133 top panel at night

Air Purifiers any good for airborne Dust, Allergens and Viruses? – COVID-19

Air filters do work and can greatly reduce the toxins in the air we breathe. I have learned a lot ...
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Dust Masks Run Short as Coronavirus Spreads

In this article, I will debunk some of the myths of wearing face masks. In my woodworking career, I have ...
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nail gun do's and dont's nail gun safety

Nail gun safety

How does a nail gun work?Before looking at the dos and don’ts of nail guns, it’s important to understand the ...
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electromyography CTS hand xray

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 5 years later by Marcus Kett, woodworking since 1989

This blog is my experience of being diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Like anyone who is in flicked I did ...
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