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Safe woodworking is not something we should ignore. I have been working with wood for over 30 years and luckily I have not had any serious accidents. Simple practices such as using your tools safety features, but you can do more. It is not just the physical damage to our eyes, fingers and hearing but also we much protect our lungs from fine carcinogenic dust. In my blogs, I talk about what safety protocols we can do and additional equipment such as air purifiers and dust extraction

dust in lungs sillouette

Is Sawdust Dangerous?

Sawdust can be potentially dangerous if it is inhaled in large amounts. Inhaling sawdust can irritate the respiratory system and ...
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varionet corrected safety glasses

Corrected Safety Glasses that I use Daily

Varionet Safety Specs are what I use in my workshop since they are corrected of the shelf and varifocal. Watch ...
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cyclonic dust extraction for the workshop

Bag Filter vs Cyclone Separator

Woodworking Cyclones ShopvacsWorking with woodworking machines nearly always require dust control. Machines like the planer or thicknesser produce large quantities ...
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Formaldehyde in the home

Woodworking health and safety Formaldehyde has the classification of a (VOC) or volatile organic compound because it turns into a ...
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wicks dust mask P2

Understanding face masks – The best and Worst

In this article, I will go through the different types of face coverings, their ratings and appropriate use. I want ...
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dust masks for woodworking

COVID-19: the rules for making “homemade” mask

With France and other countries changing their mantra on whether you should or should not wear a face mask. Obtaining ...
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