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The iconic Green and Black German power tools by Festool are high-quality Festool. Festool Group GmbH & Co. KG manufacturing base in Wendlingen is a subsidiary of the TTS Tooltechnic Systems. The best Festool I own is my Festool Domino DF 700 EQ and it has revolutionised the way I work. Festool has earnt a solid reputation for its superior dust extraction efficiency when used with its range of shop vacs. Here are some of my blogs I have written about the Festool domino. These blogs also contain videos.



Festool Domino Joining Machine – Best Festool Prices in 2020

The Festool Domino is the only machine of its type and there is no alternative in my opinion. The closest ...
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Festool Domino Joining System (Best UK prices)

Festool Domino Joining Machine (Best UK Prices) Probably the only Festool system I am ever likely to own apart from ...
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festool domino joiner VS biscuit joiner-1200-678

The Festool Domino VS The Biscuit Joiner

As a fellow keen woodworker, I am always happy to find new fast ways of joining timber. In this article, ...
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How to Sharpen the Festool Domino Cutter?

Tool sharpeningYou can easily sharpen the Festool Domino cutter with a credit card diamond sharpener. You sharpen the cutters edges ...
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domino festool xl df 700 df 500 colour-1200-678

Festool Domino Jointing System [is it WORTH IT?]

The Festool domino dowel machine or jointing system is a fantastic piece of equipment although considered pricey.  Well, this is ...
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festool domino xl df 700 guide pins

Festool Domino Problems – Clogs when used without Extraction?

The Festool acclaimed domino jointing system is available in two sizes.The DF700 EQ XLThe smaller DF500Both 'Festool Domino' machines need ...
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