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The iconic Green and Black German power tools by Festool are high-quality Festool. Festool Group GmbH & Co. KG manufacturing base in Wendlingen is a subsidiary of the TTS Tooltechnic Systems. The best Festool I own is my Festool Domino DF 700 EQ and it has revolutionised the way I work. Festool has earnt a solid reputation for its superior dust extraction efficiency when used with its range of shop vacs. Here are some of my blogs I have written about the Festool domino. These blogs also contain videos.


Festool Domino Alternative

Is the Festool Domino XL700 Worth the Investment?

Are you looking for a new tool to add to your woodworking collection? If so, you may want to consider ...

Festool Company History

It all Started in 1925 for Festo (Festool) Festool is a German company that was founded in 1925 by  Albert ...
domino festool xl df 700 df 500 colour-1200-678

Festool Domino DF700 Review

One of the most significant accomplishments that I have experienced in my woodworking was when I first executed a perfect ...
file patent of Festool domino

When will the Festool Domino Patent Expire?

In the US and Europe Patents run for 20 years. Considering the Festool Domino evolved since around 2004 it is ...
festool domino xl df 700 guide pins

The Dowel Joint VS A Festool Domino & Strength Test 2020

A dilemma I read online and chat with colleagues about. We debate and argue on which type of jointing system ...
festool domino alternative domino

Make your own Dominos

The Festool Domino DF700 is a loose tenon boring machine that has an easy to use and accurate alignment mechanism.Dominos ...
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