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Best woodworking planes for a newcomer

As a seasoned woodworker, (yes I’m wrinkly) I love using my hand planes. I have collected over years a large selection of woodworking planes.

I understand that you may be relatively new to woodworking and just started collecting handtools. 

Which tools should I consider?

Deciding which handtools that are right for you can be a learning experience.  This is learnt during our woodworking,g or just from the information we receive.

stanley bailey no 7 with victor plane irons-600-338
Stanley bailey no 7 with victor plane irons-600-338

If I was to recommend a Handplane?

Like I said earlier I have collected my vintage hand planes over several years. You may want to get straight to creating great wooden projects.

Stanley Sweetheart are great hand planes

If you do not have time to find a yard sale bargain and want to get woodworking. The Stanley sweetheart range is a great solution to starting your new hand plane tool collection.

Not just a tool stepping stone but a permanent addition

So I will help, you by finding a selection of these great value Stanley Sweetheart hand planes.

Stanley – No.4 Premium Bench Plane

The No4 bench plane is the must-have plane. If you have a plane in mind then the No4 woodworking plane is the first you should buy.

  • Iron is made from extra-thick 1/8″ (3.18 mm) A2 steel for excellent edge retention so if Victor cast iron plane irons are not for you then this plane with its blade is a must. I you want to know more about A2 steel read our blog on it.
  • One-piece base and frog virtually eliminate chatter
  • Cherrywood handle and knob for comfort
  • Norris-type adjuster with lateral locking feature
  • Adjustable throat plate for different types of wood

Stanley 1-12-137 62-Low Angle Sweetheart Jack Plane

  • One-piece base and frog virtually eliminate chatter and increased accuracy
  • Patented lateral adjustment locking feature
  • Ductile iron castings for weight and durability

Stanley 12-139 Bailey No.60-1/2 Low Angle Block Plane

  • Base and frog cast as one for accuracy
  • The precision machined base for accuracy
  • Heavier body for increased performance
  • Iron casting for weight and durability. Replacement Blade 12-143
  • Mouth adjustment for different types of wood

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