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A / Z of construction related French / English Translations

After being asked about French translated building terms on many occasions by customers. In fact, it was obvious that I should compile an alphabetical list. This list will be added too on a regular basis. If you have any suggestions please add them to the comment box below and you too can participate in growing this resource.


Arrêt : This is the ‘Hold Back’ which holds the shutter to the wall in the open position.

Assurance : Insurance such as the insurance you would have for your home


Barre : The horizontal piece of timber on the back of your shutter

Bouché : A wooden plug to screw into for fixation.


Calculatrice : Calculator like the adding machine or a online calculator

Cascamite : Brand name of the glue we use so the same in French

Charnière : The complete hinge arrangement.

Clé : Key for locking and unlocking.

Châtaignier : Wood from the Chestnut tree

Chêne : The timber from the Oak tree.

Crochet : Hook


Devis: Quote


Echarpe : The Diaganol piece of timber as found in the ledge and braced construction.


Feuillure : Se trouve souvent sur le bord du tableau de la fenêtre et reçoit les volets. La plupart des nouvelles constructions ou bâtiments transformés n’ont pas cette optionRebate


Gond : this is the hinge component that fixes to the wall






Lame de volet : the toungue and grooved fir wood boards that your shutters are made from

Linteau : the lintle which supports the masonry above the window or door





Persiennes : Louvre Shutter

Perceuse : The drill

Perceuse avec système SDS : SDS drill for drilling masonry

Pin : wood from the Pine tree

Pin douglas : A good construction timber that resists insect is Douglas Fir but is a Pine tree not a Fir

Penture : the long hinge component that is bolted to the shutter known as the strap hinge

Poignée de fléau : this is a handle that doubles as a stay to hold shutters closed




SDS : SDS is the drill bit used for effecient masonry drilling

Scellement chimique : a fixation method using resin which comes in tubes and is used to fix the gond in the stone wall. We call this chemical fix and is a great way to fix into loose masonry

Serrure : Lock system such as a Mortice lock

Serre : Woodworking Clamps such as a f clamp or G clamp

too many clamps for woodworking

Skellit : a popular brand of ‘Chemical Fix’

Sand : granular aggregate known as sand


Tableau : the window sill



Vis à expansion : expansion bolts like the ones that are a part of some Gonds

Volet : Shutter





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