irwin 7" woodworkers vise

A Woodworking vise is the Woodworkers best Friend

When we talk about woodworking as a past time or as a revived hobby or even as our work! We talk about chisels and planes, we talk about our latest collection of Festool in it’s white and green Systainer boxes. We may even have a Youtube woodworking channel and like politicians who have a backdrop of flags or intelects with a fastidious arranged bookshelf we have a wall of Systainers… But what about the humble woodworkers vise?

Groz 10 chrome screw woodworking vise

Woodworking vices, also known as carpenter’s vises, are essential tools in any woodworker’s toolkit. These vises are designed to securely clamp workpieces in place, allowing the woodworker to work on them with ease and precision but let’s not forget about safely. Holding that piece of wood so you can cut it without cutting your hand is rather helpful. Vises come in various shapes, sizes, and types, but they all serve the same basic purpose: to hold the workpiece firmly and steadily while the woodworker cuts, drills, sands, or otherwise manipulates the material into something wonderful.

There are several different types of woodworking vises, each with its own unique features and advantages.

Is it a Woodworking Vice or is it a Vise?

“Vice” is a noun meaning a moral failing or a habit or behavior that is considered wrong or sinful. It can also refer to a mechanical device used for holding objects in place.

“Vise” is a noun meaning a mechanical device used for holding objects in place, often used in woodworking or metalworking.

In short, both words refer to mechanical devices, but “vice” can have a broader meaning as a moral failing.

The Bench Vice is one of the most common types of woodworking vices. This type of vice is usually attached to the side of a woodworker’s bench, and it is designed to clamp workpieces securely in place while we work on them. The bench vice is typically made from cast iron or steel, and it features two parallel jaws that move in and out, allowing us to adjust the size of the opening to accommodate different workpieces. The bench vice is an extremely versatile tool that can be used for a wide range of woodworking tasks, from sawing and drilling to sanding or just to make our bench look cool, like many of those tool tarts do on fancy Youtube channels!


Yost Vises F10WW Woodworker’s Vise

A woodworking vise screw is a component of a woodworking vise that allows the user to clamp and secure a workpiece. The screw is typically operated by turning a handle or crank, which rotates a threaded rod that moves the vise jaws towards or away from each other. The vise jaws are typically lined with a soft material, such as leather or rubber, to protect the workpiece and prevent it from slipping. The vise screw is an essential component in a woodworker’s toolkit and is used for a variety of tasks such as holding pieces in place while they are being drilled, sawed, or planed.

An essential component in a woodworker’s workbench is used for a variety of tasks such as holding pieces in place while they are being drilled, sawed, or planed.

Vise screws are available in many iterations but this Yost F10WW 10-inch woodworker’s vise screw Is the perfect tool for your home workshop. Cast iron body for durability and a solid steel main screw for versatility.

TECHNICAL SPECS: Vise 10-1/4″ width x 19-1/4″ Length, screw 1-3/16″ diameter x 15-1/2″ Length, 3/4″ diameter guide Rods

Ok, these Yost Vises are budget but I have to admit they are surprisingly good. Nice castings and chromed screw make for smooth operation unlike much of the rubbish that comes out of China…

Buy the YOST Vise screw on Amazon 


Yost  M7WW Quick Release Vise

The YOST Cast Iron 7″ Woodworkers Vice is a great option for those looking for a quality vice for their woodworking projects. This vice is a copy of the Eclipse 7″ model and offers similar features at a more affordable price point.

The cast iron construction provides a sturdy base and the 7″ size is perfect for a variety of projects. The vice also has a smooth operation and easy-to-use locking mechanism, making it simple to secure your workpiece.

The jaws are parallel and clamp securely, making it easy to hold your workpiece steady while you work.

Overall, the YOST Cast Iron 7″ Woodworkers Vice is a great value for its price and offers a solid performance for all your woodworking needs.

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Eclipse 7″ Quick Release Woodworking Vise

If you want the Original instead of the Yost copy then here it is the Eclipse 7″ quick-release woodworkers vise. But you don’t just get the original but better castings and machining makinf for a better vise. Unlike the other woodworking vises here the Wilton has an ingenious Maple wood jaw included that fix easily into place with magnets. 

As a professional woodworker, I have tried out several vises over the years, but the Quick Release Eclipse Cast Iron 7″ Woodworkers Vise stands out among all of them. The first thing that I noticed about this vise is its solid construction. It’s made from cast iron which is durable and long-lasting, ensuring that it will hold up well even with heavy-duty use.

Another feature that impressed me is the quick release mechanism. This feature allows me to easily open and close the vise with just a few turns of the handle. It saves me a lot of time and effort, and I appreciate that I don’t have to struggle to get the vise to grip the wood.

The 7″ size is perfect for the majority of my needs, and the vise is compact. It’s easy to install and comes with everything you need to get started. The vise is also very versatile, and I have used it for a variety of tasks, from sanding and sawing to drilling and clamping.

In conclusion, if you’re in the market for a high-quality, reliable vise that will make your woodworking projects easier, I would highly recommend the Quick Release Eclipse Cast Iron 7″ Woodworkers Vise. It’s a great investment that will last you for years to come.

 Its jaw and body are made of heavy-duty cast iron, and its screw and bar are high-quality steel. With these durable components, along with its steady design, the Eclipse quick release vise will serve your woodworking shop for years.

  • Sturdy cast iron and steel construction
  • Toed in to provide positive clamping, even under heavy loads
  • Predrilled to accommodate wooden jaws
  • Includes adjustable front dog can be used as a bench dog and more
  • Mounts to almost any workbench (hardware not included)
  • Manufacturer: Eclipse Tools
  • Model: EWWQR7
  • Jaw width: 7″ (178 mm)
  • Throat depth: 3.15″ (80 mm)
  • Jaw opening: 7.95″ (202 mm)
  • Clamping force: 13,742 ft-lbs (1,900 kgf)
  • Net weight: 20.75 lbs (9.4 kg)

Buy the Original Eclipse 7″ Woodworkers Vise on Amazon


Wilton 79A Woodworking Vise

If you are looking for higher quality or just finesse this Wilton Pivot Jaw Woodworking Vise features rapid-release action that speeds the removal of the workpiece from the vise jaws. The front jaw pivots 12 degrees to accommodate irregularly shaped pieces. 4in. x 10in. jaw width; 13in. jaw capacity.

  • Self-Centering Jaw: Ensures a strong hold on all workpieces, no matter what the shape.
  • Front jaw pivots 12 degrees to allow for irregularly shaped parts.
  • Pivot jaw can be removed for wider clamping requirements.
  • Includes magnetic maple jaw inserts.
  • Wilton Tools Guarantee: Backed by Wilton’s industry-leading lifetime warranty.
Jaw Width (In.)10
Opening Capacity Max (In.)13
TypeRapid-Acting Nut
Jaw Height (In.)4

Don’t Buy New if you can Find a Vintage Record 53 Woodworking Vise

I feel the vises listed here are a good option if you want to take the plunge but have you thought about used or even vintage, I did. My most used bench in my workshop is fitted with a Vintage Record No 53 quick-release vise. I highly recommend these superb tools but there are some caveats so here is what I found:

Record 53 woodworkers vise

Overzealous use can lead to failure in the casting. Remember these tools have been around for decades and some twits probably abused them.

Record 53 woodworkers vise screw and quick release

So inspect every casting but also the screw, rails and quick release and ensure every component works even if a little rusty. A strip down and regrease will be all it needs but if a component is broken you may need to call upon your hidden talents to reconstruct damaged parts.

Record 53 woodworkers vise crack in casting

In this image of the Record 53e you can see the casting used for mounting has a crack in it and this is not easy to fix so I would avoid. Besides this vise was priced at £220 which is too much considering it’s condition. I would pay around £60 for this Record 53 in this condition. 

I suppose I should write a conclusion

seems a bit samo samo but here goes: If you are in the market for a vise then consider your expectations. What is it you will be making? General woodworking in every field of the craft  then an 7” Irwin quick release vise may be your poison or is it too expensive then you may want to consider the YOST 7” Vise. But you tell me you make fine boxes then you should consider the more precise Wilton with it’s ‘Pivot Jaw’… So you are building your bench from scratch and want a long jawed vise that has the benefit from a machine screw. You should consider the YOST Vise Screw it’s cheap and capable. No? Okay your looking for something distinguished that doesn’t shout out: ‘newby woodworker’, then start the hunt for a Record 53e quick release woodworkers vise, the connoisseurs choice!


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