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10 Must Have – Best DIY Tools.

Ok, here we go! I know how daunting it is when you ever start something for the first time. Whatever your reasoning for starting a new adventure in the world of DIY. We will do our best to help guide you in making good choices when building your first tool kit.

The aim of the blog is to guide you into making good choices. Like me, you probably like the idea of owning a large array of tools but unlike me, you may be just starting out.

Since 1989 I have collected tried and rallied a huge collection of hand tools using them to perform my trade.

This Blog is aimed at the enthusiastic beginner who is at learning new skills for their new DIY desires. So we start with only these 10 Tools, You will need more but let’s start here with a reasonably priced good tried and tested tools guide.

Fake Tools Promises Magic?

So scanning the web and browsing magazines with huge promises of the greatest ever tool. Ummm I think we should avoid those false expectation ‘ Wondertools’. In this guide, I will introduce you to a good range of tools and which we are happy to recommend and would be happy to use ourselves.

I am sure you see this topic as a minefield and I will enlighten you to the things to avoid and that the simple ideas are often the best.

In this Blog, I will start with:

  • Basic Starter Tool Kit

Basic Starter Tool Kit

Well, we have all got  to start somewhere! This is true but it does not mean that the tools I will recommend here are any the less useful. I  will only recommend tools that are good usable quality.

I have all too often I all the years been tempted by Rubbish Tools because they were cheap but like my late father would say, “That’s made of Monkey Metal, Boy”. He often was not wrong.  False promises made by companies touting their goods to make money have little concern about your experiences.

  1. Toolbox or Bag
  2. Hammer
  3. Hand General Purpose Panel Saw
  4. Set of Screwdrivers
  5. 5M Tape Measure
  6. Retractable Stanley Box Knife
  7. Spirit Level
  8. Square or Combination Square
  9. Pliers
  10. Safety Specs

Toolbox or Bag

Obviously, you will need somewhere to keep those precious new additions. A Toolbox could be on order or even a tool bag but don’t get carried away as tools are heavy and a carrying device that is large could be too heavy to carry. A Medium size Toolbox should be fine. When I was in college I  was expected to build my own toolbox with various compartments and special holders for the saws etc. Your tool could progress to this or a commercially bought toolbox will suffice for you.

stanley tool box waterproof 2019 -1200-678

You say a Toolbox I say a Toolbag

This is a thing of personal choice. If you are looking for a container to carry your tools around the house then a plastic toolbox will be fine for you. I prefer a Toolbag for use on-site or away from, home. The Bag is less likely to become damaged but is less organised because they rarely keep their form.

The Toolbox is Often Weak

When choosing a toolbox for the first time really analyse it. Some of the cheap boxes are poorly constructed. You need solid fastenings and hinges for the lid. The thickness of the plastic is very important as those rubbish offering that finds themselves in the pound shops are often very poor quality. A good quality toolbox will be obvious.

Our Suggested DIY Tool Kit Toolbox

Below are some of our prefered options that you can buy on Amazon

Dewalt DWST1-71195 TSTAK Deep Tool Box, Yellow/Black

This is probably the largest box I am happy to recommend and some ladies might prefer a lighter box. A well made and not too expensive. An unuèsual profile as it is deep. This box is compatible with all the TSTAK Systems so it is expandable with your new hobby. DIY Tool Kit

Key Points

  • Strong Plastic
  • 23lt Capacity
  • Metal Latches
  • Good Branding
  • 5 Stars

Stanley STA192902 Fatmax 23 inch Water Proof Toolbox

A waterproof toolbox? Yep, ‘It’s Waterproof! Being waterproof is great not only if it is raining or you need to fix that palm tree on the floating island in your private pool! We store our tool boxes in damp environments so being able to seal those tools from the moisture in the winter air is a good thing.

All year outdoor use and still provides dry storage for your new tools. Contains a tote tray inside the box.

The strength is good as this Stanley box is made from structural foam plastic so for a plastic toolbox this is good value box that should last the ruggers of any DIY project.

Key Points

  • Structural Foam Plastic
  • Metal Latches
  • V Sawing Groove in Lid
  • ¾ Tote Tray
  • Padlock eye
  • Soft Grip Handle
  • Good Branding
  • 58.3 x 30.5 x 26.7cm

Stanley FMST1-70749 Fatmax Round Top Rigid Tool Bag

If a hard toolbox is not to your liking then this Stanley Fatmax toolbag could be to your liking. With its multiple pockets and soft casing, it can take the knocks without issue. One of the obvious benefits with a tool bag like this one is the shoulder strap which really helps if you have to carry the bag with tools for any distance. The Strap padding spreads the load evenly over the should.

This is a fairly large bag and we do not recommend dancing around it as it won’t make you popular at the Disco! But there is a name badge so you can leave it in the locker room!

Key Points

  • Large Capacity
  • Padded Shoulder Strap
  • Rubber Grip Handle
  • Waterproof Polypropylene Bottom
  • 2.11 kg
  • Good Organiser

Bang Bang Let Me Cher My ‘HAMMER’ With You!

Now, I have a hammer or two but one will suffice for most of yourstanley hammer in rack banking tasks. In the trade, there is a hammer to suit every need whether driving a nail or light demolition.

I often visit DIY stores to see what is new but often I am confronted with some magical hammering device that promises to make your job less painless.

Pointless Hammers!

Hammers with short handles and special magnetised slots to hold nails are not in short supply and like fools people actually buy them! Go figure! Well if you’re in the market to buy a hammer you need to look at a basic claw hammer.

I have hammers with hickory handles that I have had since my apprenticeship and still going strong. These are well balanced and non-sweaty on the palms with prolonged use. These are great for carpentry tasks.

Claw? The Must-Have Hammer

You will probably need a hammer that can be used for a multitude of projects. The ‘Metal Shafted Claw Hammer’ is ideal. Great for a multitude of bashing jobs such as the usual of driving nails but it can also good to smash the odd wall down.

My Humble Hammer Suggestions

Below are some of our prefered options that you can buy on Amazon

Estwing Curved Claw Hammer with Leather Grip

This is my Hammer of Choice. It is superb in every way. If you decide on this hammer you should take it with you to the pearly gates. A hammer for the discerning. It is well balanced and comfortable in the hand. I especially like the leather handle which prevents ‘Sweaty Paw Syndrome’. I have owned this hammer for over twenty years and it is barely marked other than my sweaty prints.

Key Points

  • Cast
  • Curved for better attack
  • Superb balance
  • Leather Grip
  • Available with rubber grip
  • 20 oz
  • Pricey but worth it!

Stanley Blue Strike 20 oz Hammer

If the Estwing Hammer is too expensive for you and you want a value option that won’t fall apart then this hammer is a good compromise. The Stanley Blue Strike has been around for a while and has a tubular steel shaft and rubber

This Hammer by Stanley is comfortable and reasonably well balanced although not as good as the Estwing. The hardened cast head is durable and seamlessly attached to the handle

Key Points

  • Rubber Handle
  • Blue Enamelled Handle
  • Claw
  • Lightweight feel
  • Flock Filled Vinyl Grip
  • Resistant to solvents
  • Good Value

The Handsaw

woodworking handsaws in wall rack

No Tool kit is complete without a handsaw in close proximity. The simple yet old Hand Saw as we know it has gone through a chronological evolution. Since the Pharaohs of Egypt historic papers shows the saw origins as an early way to cut timber. Fundamentally the saw has not changed much other than the method of saw construction. Technology and precision engineering has made fine cut saws possible.

Yes, an old woodworkers tool that has evolved into what we have today. As a purist, I use both the modern hardpoint saw and when I am working on a project in the shop I always use my traditional resharpenable saws. I am able to create the edge I am looking for.

Names like Disston or Lie Nielsen, Tyzack and Spear and Jackson.

Re-sharpening saws is a labour of love and do take a bit of time to achieve a very efficient saw. Sharpening is an acute skill that is dying with the times. For most people, the current generation of saws is very good for most people.

Hardpoint Saws

When you are looking for a hand saw you would probably purchase one of the low-cost store brands but this is a false economy. If you want to cut wood that is?

Today you will be presented with what we call, “Hardpoint Saws”. These are heat-treated for hardness and they hold their edge well. These hardpoint saws have morphed into a variety of different offerings. Namely, the Panel saw, Backsaw, Tenon saw, Dovetail saw and so on.

The Japanese Pull Saw

hand saw cutting wood by hand

Japan is well known for its fantastic steel that is folded into their swords.

The Japanese pull saw is very useful and a great asset. There are some big differences between the pull saw and the panel saw. An obvious difference is a fact the teeth on the pull saw face the opposite direction to the panel saw. So you cut on the pull stroke instead of the push stroke as the panel saw.

Cutting on the pull stroke means the blade can be a lot thinner. The teeth are generally like shark teeth. These pull saws are very good for second fix carpentry but on-site, you should stick with the Panel saw.

Pull saws are much shorter so can be stored in a standard toolbox. Panel saws can be a bit too long as often 20” or longer. When I worked on-site I would use a separate saw bag to protect the blade.

Our Suggested Hardpoint Hand Saws

Below are some of our prefered options that you can buy on Amazon

Urwin 880UN20 Hardpoint Saw 20in

This like the Bahco 244 formerly the Sandvik 244 is a popular choice for the site worker or DIYer. This trusty yet economical saw is a great general purpose saw. The teeth count is 8 and this is good for crosscutting and a bit of resawing. Integrated 90 /45-degree gauge in the handle.

  • Good value
  • General-purpose
  • 8 Point
  • Rubber insert in the handle
  • Angle integrated into the handle

Bahco 244-22-U7/8-Hp Handsaw 22In

A bit more upmarket to the Urwin 880 but still good value. Integrated 90 /45-degree gauge in the handle. A slightly coarse cut of 7 TPI. Personally, as a user of this saw, I am happy to recommend this saw. It is no wonder that the Bahco 244 is a favourite amongst tradesmen. Furthermore you can get versions that are coated with Teflon or hard finishes which help prevent sap from pine timber sticking to the blade.

  • Still great value
  • Sandvik Heritage
  • 7 TPI
  • Popular for good reason
  • Rubber insert in the handle
  • Angle integrated into the handle

Gyokucho Set of 3 Japanese Hand Saws

Not just one saw but a set of three Japanese Saws.

These very popular Japanese saws and great for professional cabinet makers. The beauty of the pull stroke is that the blade is under tension for the cutting stroke which allows for a thinner blade.

The Ryoba is a double edge saw with two tooth patterns, one for cross-cutting and the other for cutting with the grain on hard and softwoods. It features impulse harden teeth that are successively finer from tip to the tang for easy starting cuts.

  • Dozuki: Superfine finish saw which is ideal for dovetail joints
  • A fine set of three saws
  • Ryoba: Two cutting saw edges on the pull stroke
  • Kataba: Very fine but fast cutting. Unlimited cutting as not back: stiffener.
  • Hardened teeth using the Impulse method.
  • Highly accurate due to the symmetrically ground teeth.
  • Low friction due to the thin non-resistive saw blank and thin kerf.
  • Comfortable handles which are strong and ergonomic against fatigue
  • Rustproofing playing.

Screw Drivers are Not Diminishing

screwdrivers in a drawer

Not yet taken over by the battery drill screwdrivers but not far from it. Like online shopping, we have seen the use of battery screwdrivers just too tempting.

When considering a set of screwdrivers there are a few things you need to know. When I started out in the industry using slotted screws and Phillips screws. Today you will find the most popular screw head size and type is the Pozidriv 2 and probably the most used screw.

The Philips is not the same as the Pozidriv so be sure that you get both. A couple of flatheads is also a good idea and an electric screwdriver.

Repetitive Strain Injury AKA RSI is a real problem these days and if you don’t currently suffer than it is something you should be aware of.

The screwdrivers we list here are products we feel are good enough to live in our own workshop and still of reasonable value. You may see some multi-tools that have one handle but a series of tips but as a toolbox set, I would not advise such sets.

Our Suggested Screwdrivers

Below are some of our prefered options that you can buy on Amazon

Stanley 062142 Screwdriver Set in Rack 26 Piece

A large mid-quality set of screwdrivers and a good set for many DIY tasks. A very good first purchase and should be considered. Strong shafts and hard tips in chrome vanadium.

  • 26 Piece Stanley Screwdriver Set, contains a selection of useful screwdrivers for everyday use. Fitted with comfortable handles and supplied in a handy storage rack. Contains the following:
  • 8 x Slotted Screwdrivers: 6x38mm, 3x50mm, 3x75mm, 5x100mm, 6x100mm, 6x150mm, 8x150mm & 8x200mm.
  • 8 x Phillips Screwdrivers: PH2x38mm, PH00x75mm,PH0x75mm, PH1x100mm, PH2x100mm, PH2x150mm, PH3x150mm & PH3x200mm.
  • 6 Torx Screwdrivers: T15x100mm, T20x100mm, T25x100mm, T27x100mm, T30x100mm & T40x150mm.
  • 4 x Pozi Screwdrivers: PZ0x75mm, PZ1x75mm, PZ2x100mm & PZ3x150mm.

Medel PTDSTA062142

Wera 05133285001 Screwdriver Set Kraftform Big Pack 900, Silver

Wera Screwdrivers are superb. As someone who suffers from carpal tunnel, i find the contoured grips reduce the effects of Carpal Tunnel. A great product if you suffer with carpal tunnel as i fine these really help.

The Wera Black Point tip. This complex hardening process ensures a long service life of the tip, enhanced corrosion protection and an exact fit.

  • Mixed material soft grips
  • Low fatigue
  • Through handle shaft design
  • Impact cap ok for use with hammer
  • Impact resistant
  • Hexagonal shaft for use with a spanner for stubborn screws
  • Shape prevents rolling

The Steel Tape Measure

tape measures

The tape measure is such a great innovation. My first measuring device was the wooden folding rule. The folding rule is still useful but the steel tape measure is just the best for its compactness and practicality.

‘The Steel Tape  Measure’ can be bought with Imperial inches and Metric centimetres or often with both printed on the steel rule. The numerals are protected under a layer of Mylar on the better tapes but the cheaper ones are lacquered.

Quick Tip: You see the hook on the end moves back and forth, this compensates for measuring between surfaces and hooking over subjects.

There are many variations of the retractable tape measure which can influence your decisions as a buyer. You could be limited by your local store such as Lowes, Home Depot in the US. B&Q in the UK or in France we have Bricomarché or Leroy Merlin.

There is an extensive variety of metric or imperial tape measures from some quality brands.

When you are ready to buy your tape measure you have to ask yourself what you expect from it. They do come in all sorts of useful and not so useful connotations but you will have to decide if they are necessary.

Some of the budget tape measures can be OK. I too have a variety of tape measures which give me varied operational options. Makes like Stanley or Lufkin are a safe bet and will serve you a long time. But I warn you that tape measures have a nasty habit of getting lost or damaged.

Quick Tip:  When retracting your tape don’t allow the tape to retract fully under spring tension. The last length of entering the case can whip back and crease the steel tape rendering less than useful.

Our Suggested Tape Measures

Below are some of our prefered options that you can buy on Amazon

Stanley 533886 FatMax 5m/16ft Tape Measure

A very accurate tape measure that is also available in an 8M version and a 10M option.  that will last a long time if you don’t lose it first. Accuracy is rated at less than a millimetre at 3 meters.

A good mylar coating prevents corrosion and aids the retract. This coating also helps prevent abrasion and has 10 times more resistant to a lacquered blade. It is really annoying if the numbers wear off so go for a tape with a Mylar coating.

Reinforced at the beginning of the tape so it is less likely to break the tape if you overstretch the tape. 150% larger end hook makes this tape ideal for site work using heavy construction materials.

  • Mylar coated blade
  • Class II accurate
  • The continuous surface along the whole length
  • Blade armour on the first 6’’ of the blade
  • 150% larger end hook
  • Blade armour on the first 6’’ of the blade
  • True zero end hook
  • 3 rivet hook
  • 32mm wide blade
  • High visibility blade
  • Bi-material case
  • Airlock slide lock
  • Belt clip

The Box Knife AKA ‘The Stanley Knife’

stanley knife 99e

The good all Stanley knife is a must-have but don’t carry a Stanley knife in public because you will get nicked. Even if your walking from the site for a pasty from the baker.

There are other knives on offer but remember the box knife is a good allrounder. You can get retractable ‘Snap of’  knives but these are OK but not so durable as the Stanley.

I do keep referring to this knife as a ‘Stanley as it is the original the famous Stanley 99e retractable is a good knife for most uses and not expensive. There are other brands but we still refer to this style of a knife as a Stanley just like a vacuum cleaner that is nicknamed a Hoover! The Name ‘Stanley Knife’ has even made itself into the English Dictionary.

Modern retractable box knives are very good these days and hold the blade firmly but you can still buy fixed blade designs. I don’t recommend these as the risk of cutting yourself is high. Although they do come with a guard it is all too easy to lose. The exposed blade can also damage your toolbox contents.

Be careful when buying a tool that can cut you as there are some cheap knock-offs out there which in my opinion are just dangerous. Sometimes it is obvious how poor the quality id but often is just the locking mechanism that can fail.

The good traditional design also has some blade storage in the handle. And constructed in a hard alloy.

Stanley Tools ZSTA-0-10-242 FatMax Safety Knife

The Fatmax Safety Knife is a progression from the original Stanley 99e and designed for trade use. This knife has blade storage and a packaging strap band cutter.

Delphin dolphin knife Carpet fitter professional tool

The Delphin has to be my utmost favourite box knife. The heavy-duty knife is a must for carpet fitters and other tough tasks. Be warned this knife is a fixed blade design but comes with a sheath and belt clip.

Irwin 1888439 FK250 Folding Utility Knife

This is another take on the Stanley knife and yet still uses the same Stanley knife blades. Still benefits from the fact it is a safety knife and folds in half. Known as a Folding Utility Knife.

7, Call the Spirit Level!

spirit level vial

Over the years I have developed a keen eye but even so, I still use a Spirit Level to be sure I have not lost my touch. The level comes in many incarnations and can be a little confusing when choosing the best possible tool. DIY Tool Kit should not be without a level.

Why not Use a Smartphone App?

“I don’t need that as I have a Spirit Level iPhone app,” Ummm I very much disagree. I must say the apps are useful but a phone is too small to get an accurate usable level measurement.

You Could Buy a Cheap Level but Why would You?

Spirit level price varies a lot from make to make and if choosing a budget model check it over for quality. Some of the cheap levels have poorly mounted vials that can be knock out of level quite easily.

Good levels have an adjustable mount so the vials can be calibrated. These days levels like most stuff we buy these days are disposable. I still have my fathers old mahogany level with brass vials and even that had adjustment screws. This thing was built with long term use in mind.

Nostalgia Versus Modern Design

Complaining about how things are built these days is a bit ‘Old News’ and frankly, modern spirit levels rarely need any adjustment as the vials are bonded in. Brands like Stabila are pretty much the industry standard. My heavy cast Stabila branded level that I used when I worked on the tools was a lifetime purchase.

Whether you go for heavyweight or a lighter alloy girder or even box section most of the reputable brands with do you justice. If you intend to do a bit of block or bricklaying with your level then a strong spirit level is a must. On the contrary when you’re just levelling a shelf then something lighter and convenient may be your bag.

Check Level for Plumb

Testing your level for plumb or level is easy. Place the level on a flat vertical surface and position so the bubble in the spirit vial is exactly in the middle of the two lines and draw a line. Flip the level round so that it is lined up with the pencil line. Is the bubble in the middle if so then your level is ok?

Our Suggestions for a Spirit Level

Below are some of our prefered options that you can buy on Amazon

Stabila 196-2-120 Level 3 Vial 120cm/48in 15236

Stabila 96-2-60 Level 3 Vial 60cm / 24in 15225

You might have gathered that we are advocates for Stabila because we have had a very good experience with them. This series of Levels are fairly heavy-duty and will last a lifetime. Accessories such as a protective carry bag are available for most levels and good to protect your investment.

Stabila light metal spirit level set 300/600/1000 mm + carrying case”80A” – 1 piece, 18239.

This great value kit is pretty much all you need and a good quality lightweight set of levels. You get a 300mm / 600mm / 1000mm and a carry case

8, The Square

squares in a tool rack

Since the innovation of the electric chop saw cutting timber square is a little less skilful. Squares come in many different formats

  • Framing Square
  • Roofers Square
  • Combination Square
  • Joiners Square

The ‘Framing Square’ used primarily on site for framing and studding. A 2ft (600mm) is a handy size for use when installing door setting the corners at right angles.

The ‘Roofers Square’ is a small square made from steel or aluminium. What makes this square different is the markings that facilitate angular cutting of rafters.

My most used is the ‘Combination Square’ or engineering square. The combination square is made from four components: Rule, Body, Screw with integral spring. This square is adjustable by loosening the knurled screw then sliding the rule back and forth. The Combination Square can check for 90 and 45 degrees.

The traditional ‘Carpenter Square’ has over the years been made from numerous materials but the blue spring steel and rosewood with a brass wearing layer are nice to use. When working in the workshop I like to use this square as it is easy to use with a marking knife or a sharp pencil.

Checking Square for Square

Yep, you can check your square for square with the same square? Place the square against the edge of a board and draw a line, flip the square over and draw a line close to the original. If the lines are parallel then the square is calibrated correctly, thus Square.

Our Suggestions for a Spirit Level

Below are some of our prefered options that you can buy on Amazon

STANLEY Combination Die Cast Square, 300mm/ 12”

I not going to tell you this combination square is as good as my old cast iron Rabone Chesterman combination square. Saying that it will serve you well and has an integral spirit level vial and a marking tool?

Fisher – Steel Framing Square 16″ x 24″

This steel roofing square is of simple construction but very effective. 600mm X 400mm in dimension and is an ideal size for framing. Thus ideal for DIY and craftsmen alike. This square is unlikely to fit into your toolbox!

Swanson Tool S0107 12-Inch Speed Square Layout Tool with Blue Book

Nicknamed the ‘Speed Square’. This Square is made from Aluminium with an anti-glare finish. These Rafter squares are also good for layout for instance decking or stairways. This square comes with rafter length calculations book.

9, Pliers can get a Bit Nippy

plier set

The handy tool is the combination of pliers which has an integral wire cutting pliers. You can use these to tighten or loosen nuts or just to grip.

The basic design of the plier has not changed for 3000 BCE. Basically, the plier is merely two pieces of steel pivoting in the middle as a fulcrum.

There are many variations of the basic pair of pliers. Tools for use by electricians, mechanics or joiners. If you are considering a specific DIY task such as Plumbing will require a different kind of plier Channellock (sometimes called water pump pliers) pliers are perfect for plumbers.

Pliers are used in a multitude of trades including Jewellery crafts. These universal tools have really helped many people grip many different items for different uses.

The principle is the same but the tools use can change with a different tactical design. Plier for an Electrician, for instance, will have an emphasis on the wire cutting edges.

Our Suggestions for a pair of Pliers

Below are some of our prefered options that you can buy on Amazon

Stanley 484488 Fatmax Plier Set (3 Pieces)

The Stanley Fatmax series have proven themselves to stand up to scrutiny. They have heritage and not too expensive compared to some of the proprietary brands used by the pros.

This 3 piece set of pliers including a Combination, Long-nosed and Diagonal side cutters.

  • Hardened Steel
  • Plastic coated handles
  • Lightweight design
  • Comfortable cushion grip
  • Smooth operation

KNIPEX 03 06 200 SB Combination Pliers chrome plated insulated with multi-component grips, VDE-tested 200 mm

If you are after pliers that can be used for electrical work too and of top quality then the Knipex are perfect. We have used these for years and I still have a pair I bought in the Nineties working hard today. These pliers are good as they do have the ability to isolate electricity. It is good not to get shocked!

  • With gripping zones for flat and round material, suitable for versatile use
  • Cutting edges for soft and hard wire
  • Long cutting edges for thicker cables
  • Cutting edges additionally induction hardened, cutting edge hardness approx. 60 HRC
  • Special Oil Hardened Tool Steel forged for durability

10, Safety Specs

safety glasses health and safety ppe

As you are starting out it is easy to get carried away and forget that DIY can be dangerous! With this fact in mind, we should not be complacent with health and safety.

You should consider some PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) at a bare minimum of a pair of safety specs.

When purchasing safety specs do not be tempted by some of the cheapos out there. I have bought many budget offerings. Although some are ok there are many that are not.

I have bought safety glasses that are not optical quality and has a mottled finish blurring my view enough to make it dangerous. This defeats the object of safety specs or goggles.

Our Suggestions for Safety Specs

Below are some of our prefered options that you can buy on Amazon

Bollé Tracker II Safety Goggles

These Bolle safety specs are well made and comfortable. They have foam rims that keep the dirt out, so are good for sanding and demolition tasks. I know of some people who use these for plating Squash, Go Figure?

  • Interchangeable foam reinforcement with indirect ventilation
  • Upper protection
  • Lower protection
  • Adjustable strap
  • Ultra-comfortable and technical, tracker provides protection from all mechanical risks and also chemical risks
  • The protection Filters ultraviolet radiation
  • The Platinum coating provides high resistance to scratching, to the most aggressive chemicals and delays fogging

ToolFreak Agent Work and Sports Safety Sunglasses, Wraparound Smoke Tinted Lenses with UV & Impact Protection, EN166 Rated, Distortion-Free, Fog and Scratch Reduction, Neck Cord and Pouch

Lightly smoked lenses are great for working in the sun or with bright surfaces. These trendy safety specs come with a pouch and strap. The strap is especially handy when working on ladders.

The lens is UV protected and will help prevent tired eyes. The fact these glasses will protect you from dust particles and other work-related hazards

Cool as they are these specs are also handy for sports if you look after them that is.

  • UV Protected
  • Pouch
  • Strap
  • Tinted
  • impact resistant to UV protection
  • sports style impact-resistant safety glasses
  • matt black and orange
  • polycarbonate lens

Starting a Toolkit  Conclusion

I can spout on about which tools to buy but this is only my recommendations based on my experience. Therefore you will in time gain your own experience which tools are best for you.

Tools buying should be considered as a life long investment which you will come to your own conclusion on which tools can be justified.

The choices above are minimal and after you have made that start on your tool collection it will soon be clear you need to expand on it.

The cost for some can be prohibitive but this is not what this blog is about. If money is an issue don’t forget you can get some very good used tools. You could ask friends and family if they have any tools no longer needed.

In reality, you will need more tools and as you progress you will have the skills to wield your ‘weapon of choice’.

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    en ce moment je suis également en plein rénovation de la maison familiale avec mon père et mon frère. Aujourd’hui pour la rénovation je me suis entouré des meilleurs matériaux pour faire des travaux qualitatif et aussi que l’on puissent les finir dans les temps. Des collègues de travail m’ont recommandé le site de Woerther. Après un petit tour sur ce site, j’ai vu qu’ils avaient une large gamme d’échelle télescopique. J’ai tout de suite penché sur le modèles le plus haut qu’ils avaient, une échelle escabeau de 5.60m, c’était parfait pour les travaux qu’on allait entreprendre. La livraison a été rapide presque trop même, j’ai failli le raté car ils étaient en avance. Cette échelle escabeaux de 5.60m répond a mes exigences a savoir : robustesse, légèreté et système de pliage ultra simple. Très bonne rigidité et confortable. Faible en encombrement, on le range dans un petit placard dans le garage de mon père, une fois plié elle ne fais environ 1m.

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