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Wooodworking & Other Makes

So, if you are just getting started in woodworking or you are an accomplished craftsman, you might find inspiration here… We don’t judge we just do our best to help anyone who wants to learn. If you love tools then you have come to the right place but we realise that newcomers to woodworking are here to be guided on their journey into making things out of wood and other materials.

Vintage Dewalt Radial arm Saw
wallybois on youtube
I love the smell od sawdust in the morning printed onto organic t-shirt and a mug

Woodworking Blog

A compendium of ‘Marcus Kett’s’ woodworking knowledge based on his 30 years of crafting timber into useful and artistic works. A variety of different skills using traditional tools and modern machines in his ‘Solar-Powered’ workshop. Demonstrated in a light-hearted fashion for beginners and keen woodworkers.

YouTube Videos and Live in the Workshop

Search through over 300 woodworking tutorials, reviews and articles in our BLOG and hundreds of VIDEOS live recorded and many edited.  Most days we broadcast our casual woodworking projects from our workshop via 5 cameras explaining along the way.


Our workshops are busy everyday building window shutters and doors. We also make a variety of Architectural wooden products in Oradour Sur Vayres of France. What sets us apart from other manufacturers is that we produce quality products using power from the Sun. It is our way to do our part towards being carbon neutral.

‘Window Shutters Made to Measure’

Products such as Window Shutters and Traditional Entrance Doors made from French Oak and Pine (Northern Fir).

“Woodworking is not just a lifestyle but a passion…”


Wallybois Merchandise

Partnering with our political YT channel AllShorts we offer a variety of T-Shirts, Hoodies, Kid Clothes, Baby vests but also Mugs… Here is a sample of what Merch you may find on our AllShorts.EU website. Some Wallybois branded, Some EarthTrifle and some AllShorts! We also have a selection of Merchandise on Redbubble 

“Woodworking is not just a lifestyle but a passion…”